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Why Renewable Energy

This article provides with useful information about: Why Renewable Energy
The main difference between fossil fuels and renewable energy is the fact that fossil fuels have a finite supply while renewable energy is unlimited both in sources and in amounts. That might be a good reason why renewable energy is in greater demand than ever before, but there is also the fact that renewable energy does not carry the potential for undesirable effects as does fossil fuel.

Renewable Energy – Unlimited Supply

With ever increasing tension in the OPEC nations, citizens around the world are questioning whether or not a major embargo will cut off supplies of petroleum that we have become so dependent on. Also, for so many years we were led to believe that there was an endless supply of fossil fuels like petroleum and coal just sitting there waiting to be drilled or mined. Unfortunately, science has refuted that theory and we now know that humans are living on borrowed time in terms of supply. Renewable energy is produced from organic matter that is alive (bacteria) or was very recently alive (plants) and can be replenished almost as quickly as it is used. This is mostly so in the case of biomass; however other examples include hydropower, solar power and wind power which are all limitless supplies of power for the future.

Renewable Energy – Reduction in Undesirable Consequences

One of the greatest reasons why renewable energy is so far superior to fossil fuels is because of the fact that there is a significant reduction in undesirable consequences from burning it. As fossil fuels are burned they release harmful chemicals into the atmosphere, the most lethal being carbon dioxide emissions. As carbon enters the atmosphere it is known to break down the ozone layer. Harmful rays from the sun get through and cause a considerable rise in temperatures on the surface of the earth. Heat gets trapped by these greenhouse gases which prevent it from being released again into space. As the earth continues to grow warmer each year, ice caps melt, low-lying lands get flooded and coastal ecosystems become endangered. Storms become more severe due to increased heat and even summers are getting longer and hotter. Because of the absence of these dangerous levels of carbon emissions when using renewable energy, it does not carry the risk factors that are inherent in fossil fuels.

There are actually a multitude of other reasons why renewable energy is preferable to fossil fuels, but these are the most noteworthy and bear the most weight. With renewable energy there is no reason to fear a sudden lack of supply, and there is considerably less risk in terms of global warming. We would not need to be dependent on foreign sources, and as soon as our supply drops low it can be immediately replenished. The only reason why renewable energy is not more available at the moment is the greater cost in producing it. However, as technology improves and public awareness increases, renewable energy will be both in greater demand as well as in greater supply.