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Renewable Energy Technology

This article provides with useful information about: Renewable Energy Technology
Research is being conducted to improve renewable energy technology which is based on any energy source that can replenish itself naturally. Fossil fuels take millions of years to form and pollute the atmosphere when burned for energy. The adaptation from non-renewable sources to renewable sources can actually save the world. This is due, not only to depleting oil reserves, but global warming as well. The polluted atmosphere traps too much heat and burning fossil fuels is one of the biggest contributing factors.

Renewable Energy Technology Sources

There are five commonly used sources of renewable energy which are biomass, water, geothermal, solar, and wind. Solar and wind are often used together since they are the most accessible. Solar plants and windmills can be used to power entire communities. Many corporations don’t like the idea of using renewable energy because it is generally more expensive than fossil fuels. However, they are only thinking short-term. While it is costly to build solar plants and wind farms, the sun and wind are free, unlimited sources of energy. In the long-term, those using renewable energy will save a lot more money than those who won’t move beyond fossil fuels.

Some companies in the US have invested in hydropower. This energy source generates a large amount of electricity in the US. Moving water harnesses mechanical energy. Renewable energy technology uses two systems for generating and releasing electricity. In some systems, the force of the current applies pressure on turbines, causing them to spin in order to generate electricity. In a storage system, reservoirs store water, which is released to produce electricity when needed.

Future of Renewable Energy Technology

Believe it or not, kinetic energy can be used to harvest energy. The human body creates kinetic energy as it moves. Hand-cranked radios and flashlights are examples of devices that turn human movement into electricity. Now, the renewable energy industry is working on projects to harvest large amounts of kinetic energy. Some dance clubs, for example, use the dance floor as a generator for energy. In Tokyo, special floors are being installed in subways to harvest the movement of visitors.

The world is becoming more informed about cleaner energy solutions. Up until now, solar and wind power were manufactured energy, since they relied on a complex conversion equipment. Most investors didn’t want to get involved due to the uncertainty of the industry’s future. Now, new market entrants are interested enough to bring in capital and experience from other industries. This will help with the research of renewable energy and production of energy harvesting systems. The government still needs to implement a plan to help states achieve renewable energy standards at the lowest cost possible.

More people need to be informed about the importance of renewable energy. Many individuals don’t realize the benefits of solar panels, wind turbines, biomass, and other technologies. There are plenty of clean and safe energy solutions available for supplying electricity to homes, and it’s essential that the government invest in green technology so that we can abandon fossil fuel burning methods once and for all. Renewable energy technology is our hope for the future.