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Renewable Energy Solutions

This article provides with useful information about: Renewable Energy Solutions
Finding solutions for energy consumption is part of the new generation. The current supplies of energy resources are running out, and costing us more than we can afford on a daily basis. Our need for healthier energy resources is crucial and our impact on earth is necessary. Global warming is not just a natural occurrence, but a human driven event that has hastened the rapid deaths of ecosystems worldwide. We must now find renewable energy solutions and incorporate them into our lives, both commercially and residentially.

Preserving the Environment

Wind energy from wind mills and solar energy from solar panels have been increasing over the past decade as people look to increase energy sustainability. Our atmosphere can benefit from using these solutions and preserve our environment in the process. For every 750 kilowatts of electricity used per household, 33 pounds of nitrogen oxide, 72 pounds of sulfur, and 16,010 of carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere. These amounts can be greatly slashed by using renewable energy solutions. With this in mind, it is possible to keep America beautiful by using sunlight and wind to provide your electricity.

Long Term Benefits

Our dependency on fossil fuels is running our resources dry. Human population is multiplying rapidly by the billions, and fuel consumption is creating a higher demand. Once these resources run out, we will have to benefit from renewable energy solutions such as solar power and wind energy. The benefit of these solutions is they are here for long term. Yes, damage to panels or wind mills can occur, but we can continue to produce these elements of energy without the fear of never having them again. Gasoline prices over the past 50 years can prove our driven demand for fuels, but now it is time to demand a cleaner energy.

Tax Incentives on Energy Solutions

People might have considered changing over to renewable energy sources, but have been afraid of the cost factor involved. Fear that solar energy or wind energy may not be as sustainable as electric run from fossil fuels is also a primary reason why many people have not switched. The federal government is now stepping up and encouraging local residents and businesses to change. They are providing tax incentives to those that install solar electric or solar domestic hot water. Residential homes save 30% on their taxes, topping out at $2,000 per system. Commercial businesses also save 30%, but they do not have caps. Saving on energy, businesses can now invest their money into their own company needs.

Teaching our children about renewable energy solutions will give them a first hand opportunity to grow with the current energy movement. By the time they reach adulthood, high tech jobs will be wide- spread. The air will also be cleaner because of the reduction of pollution. Funding can also be spent on education in poverty stricken areas to teach them about green energy. When we produce clean energy we provide a healthier place for all to grow and learn. Wind and solar energy production is just the beginning of our commitment to global warming crises.