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Renewable Energy Jobs

This article provides with useful information about: Renewable Energy Jobs
With the renewable energy industry slowly gaining a solid ground in business today, more and more job opportunities have already been made available. The renewable energy industry is growing by leaps and bounds and there are innumerable renewable energy jobs that can be applied for, based on skills, qualifications, and their desire to have a very fulfilling career.

Jobs in Solar Power

The fast-growing solar power business has opened lots of new doors for job opportunities and the need to hire more people is a good sign for the American people. Solar design engineers require a degree in engineering, specifically construction or electrical, and a good knowledge of computers and computer programs such as AutoCAD. Photovoltaic technicians require knowledge in construction, wiring, and basic knowledge in solar power technology. Solar manufacturing employees are needed for fabrication and assembly of semiconductors, and usually require an associate’s degree in electrical systems or electronics.

Jobs in Wind Power

The wind power business is also becoming very lucrative, and although it can sometimes be a little difficult to land a job in wind power companies, people who are working for them do have a very bright future ahead as many positions have a salary range of over $90,000. Jobs available include wind technicians, wind source analysts, and managerial positions including project managers, wind turbine sales manager, and wind farms site manager. To be qualified, certifications in wind systems are necessary, which can be availed through the many wind power training schools across U.S. states.

Jobs in Bioenergy

Because many educational institutions are collaborating with the “green” industry to find solutions to the problems on the use and production of biomass, there are many R&D jobs available, including chemists, biochemists, and agricultural specialists. There are also positions available for construction workers and engineers, especially because there is a continuous need to build bioenergy plants. Maintenance of these plants also opens doors for electricians, mechanical technicians, and engineers. Farmers and harvesters are likewise needed in order to provide biomass resources such as sugarcane (ethanol).

Jobs in Hydropower

Hydropower businesses offer employment opportunities for environmental scientists, such as hydrologists, ecologists, biologists, and wildlife specialists in order to assess environmental impacts of their operation and provide solutions to issues concerning this. There is also a constant need for construction workers and maintenance operators, along with electricians, technicians, and engineers. Individuals with hydropower qualifications are always in demand, especially in the US where hydroelectric power remains to be the number one source of renewable energy.

Jobs in Geothermal Energy

The geothermal energy business employs both skilled and professional workers. Positions available include reservoir engineers, geochemists, hydrologists, geophysicists, and drillers. There are also positions for heating engineers who will operate geothermal technologies. Electrical and mechanical engineers find jobs in the electricity production aspect of the business, and construction workers can also find employment in the construction of power plants. Some of these workers, especially the engineers, need certifications in geothermal technologies and systems.