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Renewable Energy Careers

This article provides with useful information about: Renewable Energy Careers
Renewable energy careers are offered by industries that are dedicated to the future of clean energy. Working on renewable energy projects has become one of the greatest world wide priorities, and there is an impressive list of job opportunities for those who are interested in renewable energy careers. With proper training and degrees, professional workers can choose from a wide variety of green jobs. The following is a list of some of the most lucrative renewable energy careers.

Business Development Managers for Wind Turbines

This renewable energy career requires five or more years of experience in the industry of power generation, with an additional three to five years of technical business development in power applications. Responsibilities include the business development of wind turbines and technologies, developing presentations for high level wind projects, and collecting market data that is related to engineering and performance issues.

Energy Auditor

The job of an energy auditor is to show customers how to make their homes energy efficient. This is a fairly new profession for those who are seeking green jobs, and educational requirements may vary according to the agency. A graduate degree, or a Bachelor Degree in Engineering, and practical experience in engineering applications are usually all the training that is required. Some renewable energy companies offer Provisional Certificates to employees who don't have enough on the job experience. When the required amount of practical experience has been completed, employees are awarded a full certificate.

Renewable Energy Systems Engineer

Professionals who are trained for this position will be responsible for providing quotations, designs and drawings of solar electrical systems. They will review technical documents for accuracy and make necessary revisions. The educational requirement for this position is a Bachelors Degree in Engineering, or similar training in the military. You will also need at least six years of experience in designing solar electrical systems.

Solar Certification Lab Quality Engineer

Duties and responsibilities for this career position involve conducting certification audits, training interns and laboratory technicians in the performance of certification tests, and investigating new equipment to determine new technology requirements. Candidates for this position will need a Bachelor of Science in Engineering, or military training in an engineering environment. You will also need between five and ten years of engineering experience.

Thermal Engineer

Thermal engineers specialize in all aspects of thermodynamics including fluid mechanics, mass transfer, and heat transfer. Their responsibilities include designing air and water line heaters, as well as freeze protection, temperature control, heat safety, and thermal analysis to optimize power usage. To become a thermal engineer you will need a Bachelor of Engineering Degree in the electrical or mechanical field, a Masters Degree in Engineering, and experience with software packages for thermal engineering.

If you are interested in a renewable energy career, there are a wide variety of online websites with extensive information regarding job opportunities, green job training, and companies with available jobs in renewable energy. Green jobs are presenting excellent opportunities to those who are seeking renewable energy careers.