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Benefits Of Renewable Energy

This article provides with useful information about: Benefits Of Renewable Energy
Global warming is staring in the face of Earth with grim eyes, and environmentalists and climatologists are busy urging people to switch to renewable sources of energy to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, water vapor, nitrous oxide and methane. The major benefit of renewable energy is that it helps in putting a stop to the rising atmospheric temperatures around the globe. Renewable sources of energy like water, wind and sunlight can be used for a number of purposes and currently, there are a significant number of appliances and equipment on the market that make use of renewable sources of energy. These types of equipment are cost effective and equally efficient, if not more so.

Benefits of Renewable Energy

Anything from industrial processes to simple kitchen tasks emit a number of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Certain equipment also emits particulates and pollutants in large numbers, which further reacts with other molecules in the air to form nitrous oxide or carbon dioxide. In order to deal with the threat of global warming, various devices are being introduced in the markets. Solar cookers, solar heaters, solar air conditioners and solar vehicles have been around for a long time and using this kind of equipment is a better choice as compared to buying sophisticated equipment that consumes a lot of electricity and causes air pollution. Eco-friendly appliances do not emit poisonous gases in the atmosphere and are hence safe for the environment.

Burning Biofuels: Safe and Clean

Biofuels have been introduced to societies around the world to battle the problem of increasing concentration of heat-trapping gases in the troposphere. When fossil fuels are burnt, toxic gases like carbon monoxide and hydro carbon particulates not only fill the air with filth but also take a toll on plants and animals. These gases have been held responsible for many deaths (including plants and animals) in the last 10 years. Biofuels are safe and clean and do not emit many toxins when burned. Bioethanol is one of the many biofuels that is being used in USA and Brazil in high amounts. Similarly biodiesel made from animal fats and vegetable oil has the capability to replace diesel and some other petrochemicals used in chemical industries.

Monetary Benefits of Renewable Energy

Making use of the wind or the sunlight would not cost a penny, would it? With advancements in various fields of science, benefits of renewable energies have expanded. Scientists are now developing devices that make use of renewable sources of energies to function and carry out the most convoluted of tasks. These low-entropy devices are capable of extracting power from mild winds and light rains or drizzles. These devices are not expensive and do not require you to spend an arm and leg on electricity bills. There is no electricity involved in the working of these devices and this leads to major cuts in the running costs and allows you to save a large chunk of money.