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What Is Global Warming Doing To Earth

This article on "What Is Global Warming Doing To Earth" provides you with useful information about global warming.
Although scientists and environmentalists alike are warning us of the dangers that lie ahead for our planet, many of us are still asking ourselves, “What is global warming doing to Earth?” A quick summary of the changes that are being foretold would include higher temperatures, changing landscapes and increased risk of catastrophic events.

Higher Temperatures

Gases are being released into the atmosphere which is known to trap heat. These gases are emitted from automobiles, power plants and made significantly worse by deforestation. Although there are other sources, those are the biggest offenders and scientists substantiate their claims that the planet is growing increasingly warmer because in the past decade, Earth has endured five of the hottest years on record. The warmest year to ever have been recorded was 2005.

Changing Landscapes

Changing landscapes are actually the result of rising temperatures that significantly impact changing weather patterns. Heat, rain, snow and ice are a few of the effects of changing patterns that affect the topography of the land. Due to rising temperatures, the ice caps are melting which increases sea levels in one area of the world while exposing land under ice as it melts and runs off. Mountain slopes are changed as are other landscapes and this causes a shift in vegetation. The entire globe is undergoing changes in landscapes that will only intensify as time goes on.

Increased Risk of Catastrophic Events – Fires, Floods and Droughts

Circulation of water is intensifying above, on and even below the surface of the earth which scientists believe will result in greater potential for floods and droughts. It is further thought that these events will become increasingly more frequent and more severe. The result of higher temperatures will naturally cause an increase in moisture that evaporates from both water and land, which of course has the potential to lead to droughts. Unfortunately, land that has undergone a drought is more prone to flooding once rain begins to fall again. Then as temperatures continue to rise, there will be even greater danger of drought which will, in turn, increase the risk for fires. It’s an intense cycle that will be self propagating if something isn’t done to put an end to global warming.

Increased Risk of Catastrophic Events – Storms and Strom Damage

Current research contends that global climate changes will cause tropical storms and hurricanes to become much more intense. They will most probably last longer and pack much more dangerous wind speeds resulting in catastrophic loss to both humans and coastal ecosystems. Science substantiates that warmer water temperatures feed storms so that the warmer the water, the stronger the storm. This is never more evidenced than the year 2005 which was an all time record breaking hurricane season that saw the most storms in a single season ever recorded and was also the hottest year on record as well.

It shouldn’t be necessary to ask what global warming is doing to earth, because the evidence is right there before us. Instead we should be asking what we can do to stop it where it is and prevent future damage to this amazingly beautiful world we live on.