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What Is Being Done To Stop Global Warming

This article on "What Is Being Done To Stop Global Warming" provides you with useful information about global warming.
Global warming is when the average temperatures rise all around the planet. This happens when greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide trap heat from the sun in the earth’s atmosphere. Light and heat is supposed to be reflected back out into space, and this can’t happen when it’s trapped in the atmosphere. As a result, ice caps melt, water flow is disrupted, more people become sick from heat waves, plants die which results in famine, animals and people die, and the list goes on

What is Being Done to Stop Global Warming

Only during the past decade have world leaders been taking the causes and effects of global warming seriously. While some of it is due to natural forces, a large portion of the problem is manmade. Not all scientists and leaders can agree on what should be done, and many countries want to take everything one step at a time. In 2009, the American Clean Energy and Security Act was approved by the House. It was created to establish a cap-and-trade plan for greenhouse gasses. This Act, also known as ACES, remains under consideration in the Senate. It was the first time a bill regarding a cap on heat-trapping gases was approved in the US.

The cap-and-trade policy is a tool that places a mandatory cap on emissions. An example of these is the Acid Rain Program. This program exists for the achievement of environmental and public health benefits through decreasing emissions of nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide. These are the main causes of acid rain, and play a huge role in global warming. The purpose of the ACES laws is to cut down on the harmful causes of global warming at the lowest cost to society.

What Ordinary Citizens are Doing to Stop Global Warming

Since it’s almost an unstoppable force, many people are concerned that attempts to stop it are futile. However, there are still some things ordinary people can do to help reduce their impact climate change. One thing that people are doing is walking more than driving. Carpooling is also a good idea, as it minimizes the amount of gases put into the air by cars. Since less money is spent on gas during carpooling and walking, this solution sends a message to the oil industry.

There has been an increased interest in renewable energy solutions these past few years. Renewable energy includes air, sunlight, tides, and rain. These resources are unlimited and renewable. They are clean and don’t contribute to global warming like fossil fuels do. Some people even build their own solar panels and wind turbines. The materials used in such projects can be purchased at most home improvement stores. Another way to save on energy consumption is buying eco-friendly electronics. Most manufacturers are now making energy efficient home appliance to help alleviate the problem.

On the whole, there are many things people can do to stop global warming. Although we’re already seeing physical evidence of it, such as a decrease in polar bear population, we can still prevent climate changes from getting out of the control in the future by acting now to stop global warming where it stands.