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What Is Being Done To Combat Global Warming

This article on "What Is Being Done To Combat Global Warming" provides you with useful information about global warming.
There are growing numbers of people who are rightfully questioning just what is being done to combat global warming. Unfortunately, it seems as though we are looking to governments and environmental groups to find the solution to the problem, when indeed, many of them are right there in front of us waiting to be seen. While some solutions may not be within the realm of affordability to the average consumer, others can actually cost less to initiate and save money over the long-term as well.

Fuel Efficient and Hybrid Vehicles

One of the most well-known ways to combat global warming is to only drive fuel efficient or hybrid vehicles. While it may not be financially feasible for everyone to run out to the nearest automobile dealer to buy a brand new car that gets 30 miles per gallon under normal driving circumstances, it truly is one of the best solutions to the problem. Fossil fuels are the biggest contributors to global warming and it is incumbent upon us, as a society, to find ways to reduce our consumption of petroleum products. Hybrid vehicles, while being the best available option at the current time, are extremely expensive. Perhaps putting some pressure on vehicle manufacturers through lobbying our congressional leaders would help to some extent, but that is something that isn’t easily remedied. The best we can hope for at the current time is to buy fuel efficient cars whenever possible while working to force the price of hybrids down.

Renewable Energy

Then, there are all sorts of renewable energy sources that can be utilized. Everything from solar power to wind, hydro, kinetic, biomass, and combinations thereof, can greatly combat global warming by reducing the amount of carbon dioxide and other harmful chemicals released into the atmosphere. Many companies are spending literally millions of dollars annually to find alternative fuels to power our homes, businesses and vehicles. Government subsidies are speeding the process to some extent, but the final solution is still somewhere down to road. Here again, putting pressure on governmental and industrial groups can heighten awareness in both the need for renewable energy as well as the general public’s interest in the matter. Small steps are already being taken, but giant leaps are what is really called for.

What Should be Done – Throw Away the Throw-Aways

Most of us utilize way too many disposable products. Instead of buying covered glass bowls to store leftovers in, we use those flimsy plastic disposable containers because, quite frankly, it’s easier to throw away the container than it is to wash out a good glass bowl for future use. That doesn’t say much for us as a society. When convenience is more important than protecting the world we live in, maybe it’s time to take stock in our value system and simply readjust our mindset. If enough people ‘boycott’ those disposables, maybe the corporations who manufacture them will pull them off the shelves in similar fashion to pharmaceutical companies who were forced to pull dangerous OTC medications. It’s a thought, anyway.

Too many people are looking outside themselves to see what is being done to combat global warming. We all play a role in the problem, yet are reluctant to change the way we live because it might mean adding a little extra effort to our pampered lifestyles. Rather than questioning what is being done, do something small like throwing away the throw-aways, or driving a more fuel efficient vehicle. Individual efforts might not seem like a lot, however, multiply that by 300 million people in the United States alone, and each small step becomes part of one giant leap.