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What Can I Do To Stop Global Warming

This article on "What Can I Do To Stop Global Warming" provides you with useful information about global warming.
Issues with global warming are getting noticed all over the world. The US is currently facing an oil spill crises which raises awareness to a whole new level. If you are wondering, “What can I do to stop global warming?” try getting involved on a local level. Find ways to avoid releasing chemicals into the atmosphere and follow the 3 R’s – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Chemical Wastes

A large portion of the cause of global warming comes from overuse of chemicals. Chemicals are everywhere from household cleaning products to lawn and gardening fertilizers. Manufacturing factories are the biggest sources of toxic emissions to be found anywhere. Carbon that is released from the chemicals is harmful to the ozone. If you are wondering, “What can I do to stop global warming,” look for the newest products on the market. Companies are converting household cleaning items into eco-friendly alternatives.

Reduce Wastes

When plastic became a big hit for producing packaged goods, it also became a problem that was too far advanced for the average person to recognize. Little did we know that our landfills would soon be overflowing with plastic material that takes hundreds of years to break down. Now global warming has hit us and people want to know what the solution is. The answer is simple, reduce your wastes, especially plastic. It is not just the accumulation of plastic that is causing global warming, but the production of plastic which is very harmful to the atmosphere. Again, manufacturing plants are among the worst offenders of all.


The average family household accumulates one to two bags of trash per day. One effective method of cutting down on plastic is to request brown paper bags at the store (they can be recycled) or to utilize those handy fabric shopping totes that many stores are currently selling. The best way is to recycle items such as plastic, aluminum, cardboard, and paper is to find a recycling collection site in your neighborhood and make weekly trips to deposit recyclables. Food wastes can also be recycled into organic matter. Set up a food compost in your backyard and throw most of your food scraps in it to decompose. Just do not add greasy items. There are numerous ways to recycle and it’s often just a matter of using a little common sense.

Preventing unnecessary gases from entering the atmosphere, reducing plastic packaging, and recycling food and natural materials should keep you from asking, “What can I do to prevent global warming?” All it takes is a little effort to cut down on your waste that emits toxic chemicals while decomposing. The thing to avoid, at all costs is complacency. Just because neighbors aren’t doing their part, doesn’t mean you need to follow suit. Sometimes all it takes is setting a good example to show your neighbors that recycling and composting can benefit the environment.