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Ways To Stop Global Warming

This article on "Ways To Stop Global Warming" provides you with useful information about global warming.
Many people are seeking ways to stop global warming because it is a serious problem that is becoming more urgent every day. The government is only now starting to take manmade climate changes seriously. People are losing their faith in world leaders’ abilities to save the planet. Due to such sentiments, they are trying to clean the planet up through their own means.

Renewable Energy Systems

If you are interested in ways to reduce global warming, one of the wisest things you can do is choose renewable energy solutions. Unlike fossil fuels, which have to be burned in order to be used as energy, solar energy and wind power are clean and natural. They are also unlimited, as they can be renewed time and time again. Solar and wind power do not emit greenhouse gases. Furthermore, they can be acquired in a clean and easy way.

You can either buy solar panels and/or windmills or you can build them yourself. Solar panels, in particular, require little maintenance, and the cells can last a lifetime. Renewable energy is versatile. It can power home electronics, water heaters, satellites, cars, and so forth. As for wind power, it’s growing at the rate of 30% annually. Europe, the US, and Asia are currently working to expand the capacity of megawatts for wind power. Other renewable energy resources include rain, geothermal heat, and oceanic tides.

Recycling and Being Eco-Friendly

Recycling is another thing that regular citizens can do to help stop global warming. Many people underestimate the effectiveness of recycling, particularly in regards to global warming. Recycling just one aluminum can is the equivalent of half a gallon of gas. A 60-watt light bulb running for 24 hours is equivalent to one pound of steel. Every 2,000 pounds (ton) of recycled paper can save 380 gallons of oil and 17 trees! Clearly, there are many benefits of recycling.

You can also start “shopping green”. Everything from furniture to clothes is made out of recycled materials these days. Eco-friendly products come in two categories: items made out of recycled materials and items that utilize less energy. Computers and electronics fall under the second category. When shopping for electronics, you’ve undoubtedly noticed that they are being advertised as “energy-efficient.” This means they use far less energy than older electronics. You can save a considerable amount of energy (and money) by only running eco-friendly electronics in your home.

Contacting Elected Officials

Take action by contacting congress and demanding that they enact new laws to protect the environment. Polluters need to pay for the damage their carbon and methane emissions are causing. In 2009, the House of Representatives passed the American Clean Energy and Security Act, which places a cap on green house gas emission. This is the US’s first serious attempt of taking action against global warming, so hopefully more measures are going to follow.

In actuality, there are many ways to stop global warming. The only problem is that talking about it is much easier than doing it. Planning is one thing, and actually acting is another. If you are serious about doing your part to make this planet a cleaner, safer place for future generations, then get started NOW – don’t wait!