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Steps To Stop Global Warming

This article on "Steps To Stop Global Warming" provides you with useful information about global warming.
The concepts of boiling water and melting ice have a simple science, but it took a long time for man to decipher the intrinsic powers they hold. Just a few years back, the known fact that rising temperatures can cause ice to melt and submerge landmasses in the surrounding locales was finally seen as part of a larger picture. The resultant possibilities are horrifying enough to run several shivers down the spine. Global warming is an imminent threat that is getting harder to fight in glaciers that are disappearing at a fast pace of around 10 feet per year. Steps to stop global warming must be taken at once.

Using Biofuels

Melting of glaciers can be traced to the increase in greenhouse gases in the earthÂ’s atmosphere. These gases trap the heat from the sun causing the overall temperature of the Earth to rise. The concentration of these gases has gone up at an alarming pace of hundred thousand ppm per year. The main culprits are methane and carbon dioxide. The increase in the molecules of these gases can be attributed to burning of fossil fuels in large amounts. Oil and coal are burned for energy in various industrial processes. A lot of emphasis is being placed on the use of biofuels as alternatives that do not emit very high levels of particulates and pollutants when burned. These fuels are readily available, and most industrial processes can be carried out using these fuels.

Green Living

The concept of green living is perhaps the only possible solution to putting a stop to the heating of the troposphere. Use of renewable sources of energy over non-renewable sources of energy is extremely essential as one of the first steps to stop global warming. Use of sophisticated devices and appliances also adds a few more degrees to the increase in atmospheric temperature. There are certain appliances and devices available on the market that make use of renewable sources of energy like wind, light from the sun and water. Solar cookers, solar heaters and solar air conditioners would help in the reduction of greenhouse gases like water vapor, methane and carbon dioxide.

Making Smart Choices

When you set out to buy things, you have a number of options in front of you. Smart purchasing can greatly help to keep the temperature of the earth from rising dramatically. Vehicle exhausts pour a number of unfriendly chemicals into the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and CFC are no friends of the nature, and the vehicles we drive exhale these gases in high volumes. It is wise to buy electric powered and hybrid vehicles, and use cycles for short distances. Similarly you should make sure that you do not support deforestation and that you encourage your children to plant as many trees as they possibly can. Plants and trees have been the most important reason for life to exist on earth and destroying this life-sustaining vegetation is like killing the sole caretaker of the human race.