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Solutions To Stop Global Warming

This article on "Solutions To Stop Global Warming" provides you with useful information about global warming.
Experts involved in the discussion focusing on global warming have a hard time coming to a consensus on the best way to approach stopping global warming. To date, a great number of potential solutions to stop global warming have been presented by all of the various parties involved in the environmental reform movements. No one suggestion is going to be a perfect answer to reducing the effects of the global warming trend, but if taken in combination, the different approaches can be used effectively to help protect out planet from any further danger and hopefully reverse some of the damage that has occurred up until this point.

Government Efforts in General

The United States government has taken steps to create legislation and environmental policies to help regulate the impact that we have on the environment. Some people do not think the government has done enough to try to help prevent future damage from the increasing climate temperatures. Perhaps spurred by the criticism, government officials continue to make efforts to limit the damage we are currently causing.

Government Efforts for Taxpayer Incentive

On an individual level, the government has provided tax incentives for purchasing and using greener home appliances. The government has developed an energy rating system that calculates how relatively good or bad different products are for the environment. If you purchase a newer, more energy efficient, dishwasher, central air conditioning unit, washing machine, etc. with a good energy rating you are eligible for certain tax incentives provided by the federal government.

Government Efforts for the Community

On a larger scale, the government passed the Clean Air Act. This act can penalize companies that have unregulated emissions into their local environment. It suggests standards of conduct for disposing of waste and other process considerations that can help reduce the amount of energy being consumed. The act also regulates car-manufacturing companies, requiring them to change the way their cars are built so that they emit less harmful gases into the air.

Individual Efforts

It is not just the government making moves to try to find solutions to stop global warming. Individuals are also taking responsibility for their impact on the environment and have started making efforts to make changes in their own lives. The wide range of effort that individuals in our society put into reducing their impact on the environment is astounding. It is entirely up to each person or household to decide how much or how little they want to try to change their current behaviors or adopt new ones that can be beneficial, or at least less harmful, for our planet.

Small efforts that people make include trying to reduce the amount of unnecessary products that they purchase and also reuse more products instead of tossing them after a single use. Also, more people are making efforts to increase the amount of things they recycle instead of sending to local landfills. More involved people have started incorporating alternative energy methods into their homes and have even purchased hybrid or electrical cars to further reduce their emissions.