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Pros And Cons Of Global Warming

This article on "Pros And Cons Of Global Warming" provides you with useful information about global warming.
Environmentalists and political activists are doing everything in their power to halt global warming due to the detrimental effects that it has had and will have on earth. There are few upsides to global warming and in order to get the full picture, it’s necessary to weigh the pros and cons. Some of these pointers could lead to a topical discussion and that is important, since we need to find solutions as a collective and not only as individuals.

Pros and Cons of Temperature Change as It Relates to Indoor Climate Control

The first thing to understand is that the ultimate cause of global warming is green house gases being released into the atmosphere. These gases trap the sun’s radiation which keeps it from being returned to space. The obvious benefits are that increased planetary heat will necessarily decrease energy expenditure and heating bills in the winter, but what will that do for longer, hotter summers? Consumers will be spending more money to keep their homes and places of business cool. This might seem like an advantage for those in colder climates but the effects aren’t directly related to improved weather.

Pros and Cons Global Warming Pertaining to Illness, Disease and Death

When global warming significantly affects temperature changes, this will have a profound impact on seasonal illnesses, diseases and death that are associated with extremely hot and cold months of the year. Warmer temperatures make for perfect breeding grounds for all sorts of pathogenic microorganisms, which could lead to increased incidences of malaria, heat stroke and dehydration that when severe enough could lead to death. On the other hand, more temperate winters could help to prevent illnesses and deaths related to cold weather such as influenzas, colds, increased risk of heart attack from shoveling snow and even hypothermia or frostbite. However, the cons far outweigh the pros and this is especially so in this circumstance.

Pros and Cons Global Warming – More Severe Summer Storms

Because weather patterns around the globe will be fluctuating due to global warming, it is felt that there will be a much greater number of super storms. Some of these could be so powerful that they will bring massive destruction and considerable loss of life. On the flip side, some scientists contend that vegetation will flourish as in other times throughout Earth’s history when it warmed up after each successive ice age. Because of this supposed increase in lush vegetation, more oxygen will be released while a greater amount of carbon dioxide will be absorbed as part of the process of photosynthesis. This theory is highly controversial because it is in relation to wild vegetation as opposed to the agriculture required to sustain life.

A Definite Con – Possible Extinction of Certain Species

Many experts (including renowned biologists and UN climate change specialists) believe that global warming will result in a sizeable percentage of life on earth becoming extinct if average temperatures exceed 2.5°C. The general consensus is that this percentage will be in the range of 20-30% and could even be as much as 70% if temperatures rise above 3.5°C. Even if these percentages were greatly exaggerated, it still means that the extinction of millions species is likely by the year 2050 if nothing is done to halt the effects of global warming. There may be a handful of advantages associated with global warming but this one factor alone will negate each and every one of them a million fold.

This article has only touched the surface on some of the problems associated with global warming and even though there may be some positives, we should not stop our efforts to prevent further damage to the world that we live on. Protect the earth now so that future generations will be around to tell the story. For more information on the negative effects of global warming and what we can do to prevent it from getting any worse, please have a browse around this site.