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How To Slow Down Global Warming

This article on "How To Slow Down Global Warming" provides you with useful information about global warming.
In recent years it seems like scientists, governments and even ordinary people are looking for effective solutions in the area of how to slow down global warming. It is a fact that we have almost irreversibly harmed our environment with the use of various chemicals and fossil fuels, but it is still not too late to prevent utter destruction. While there is still time to find an end-all solution, it is incumbent upon us to find ways to slow down the process which would buy necessary time for scientists to find a more permanent ‘fix.’

How to Slow Down Global Warming – Common Solutions

There are altogether too many common solutions that can actually have an impact on slowing down global warming, many of which are already being utilized by a good portion of the population. Whether it is for environmental concerns or for sheer financial reasons, many people are already driving more fuel efficient vehicles, abstaining from using too much electricity and buying energy-efficient appliances for the home and office. While this does make an impact, there are other, less obvious, solutions that can further reduce our impact on global warming.

Super-Size-It is a Thing of the Past – in More Ways than One

While many of us are aware of the dangers that confront us when super-sizing our meals at fast food restaurants, we just don’t get it when it comes to those massive lawns and grounds with abundant landscaping which needs to be cared for with regularity many months of the year. All that lawn care equipment takes electricity and/or fossil fuels to run and as we know, that is one of the ultimate causes of global warming. Try reducing the size of lawns by half and add lovely rock gardens or terrazzo patios. Plant trees for shade in lieu of bushes and if foliage is a must, find plants that don’t need to be trimmed but look their best when left alone. Many types of ferns work quite nicely.

Use of Color Makes a Huge Difference

Colors used to paint both the interior and exterior of homes makes a difference in just how cool it can be kept during hot summer months. Of course, all those dark colors are trendy at the moment in terms of fashion, but they do nothing for your electric bill. One of the reasons white is fashionable in the summer is because dark colors attract the sun. The same principals apply to household colors. Go white and cut back on electric bills. It’s amazing just how much the air conditioning can be cut back just by brightening up the home with nice light colors. Light colors in combination with shade trees can dramatically lower electric bills during the heat of summer.

Learning how to slow down global warming can actually be an adventure if it is approached with an open mind. Finding ways to prevent further damage to the ozone might be the goal, but no one ever said it had to be boring or even difficult. There are plenty of pointers available on this website, some of which can even help to brighten up an otherwise dreary household. Do something to save the delicate balance of the ecology and get a home make-over in the process.