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Global Warming And Pollution

This article on "Global Warming And Pollution" provides you with useful information about global warming.
It seems that millions of people are carefree and never think about what they are doing to the earth in terms of global warming and pollution. No individual person is to really blame for the problem, but the human population is on the top of the list for ultimate causes. We have created ways to help us adapt to our busy lifestyles, but rarely do we take into account our contribution to global warming. Human contribution to global warming has occurred through the release of carbon dioxide. This negative contribution is generally referred to as leaving ‘carbon footprints’ in the atmosphere.

Pollution from Home Appliances

When most people leave a room, they usually don’t stop to turn off the lights! Every light that you leave on, regardless of location, will cause pollution. Lights draw a significant amount of electricity into your home. Since electricity is run by carbon producing resources such as petroleum or other fossil fuels, your lights are a factor of global warming and pollution. Other appliances that use electricity to produce carbon dioxide are microwaves, hair dryers, stoves, washers and dryers, and air conditioners.

Automobile Pollution

One of the worst pollution causing inventions is the automobile. Automobiles started off as very simple vehicles, but now they have become advanced with many mechanical parts and gadgets. Every moving part of the car that uses petroleum or electricity contributes to global warming and pollution. The more miles you drive, the more carbon you release into the air. When there is dense traffic in one area, such as a huge and congested city like New York, the atmospheric temperature gets much hotter from the vehicles, significantly increasing carbon emissions in an area like this. Lack of plants and trees in these dense traffic areas greatly impacts the increase of carbon footprints.

Aerosol and Paint Pollution

Most households have an abundance of aerosol cans in any given room. Check your hair spray bottles and paint bottles because these are among the products that are most often distributed in aerosol cans. Aerosols are under high pressure with a variety of metals inside. Many automobile paint plants or body shops use aerosols to paint vehicles. The chemicals released from the paint and cans are highly toxic to the environment. Aerosols and paint are one of the most highly used methods of carbon dioxide release which contributes to global warming and pollution.

Pollution comes from a variety of sources which we should use in the smallest amounts possible. Technology can better products, such as household appliances and automobiles, with controlled carbon dioxide releases. The more ways we stop global warming and pollution now, the better the future will be for our children to live healthier lives. Learning how to reduce carbon footprints in our everyday technology use is one step closer we have for a cleaner earth. One human can produce enough carbon dioxide from using household appliances, automobiles, and aerosols, to kill thousands of people. It is incumbent upon us to protect ourselves and others by reducing this pollution with safer technology.