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Global Warming And Flooding

This article on "Global Warming And Flooding" provides you with useful information about global warming.
One catastrophe after another, the Earth is being hit with global warming disasters. While any location is at risk for a disaster, colder and hotter areas are being affected more rapidly. Flooding can be a catastrophic event that can occur anywhere there is water nearby. Areas which have never seen flooding are now facing this potentially lethal disaster. People drown, lose their property and land is destroyed due to flooding. Certain areas are facing global warming and flooding, which is now bringing much needed attention to the situation.

Why Global Warming and Flooding Occurs

When considering the fact that the temperatures on earth are growing hotter, it is easy to assume that the Earth should be experiencing droughts instead of floods. However, science has proven that hot air absorbs moisture. The heat which is resultant from global warming is causing the atmosphere to hold more water, creating heavy rain clouds. These rain clouds release copious amounts of water and the cycle starts over. It will rain very heavily for days at a time, causing flash flooding in certain prone areas. Global warming and flooding go hand in hand and should not be taken lightly.

Protection from Flooding Caused By Global Warming

Being faced with flooding is extremely stressful for anyone, and many people are concerned about their protection from global warming and flooding. When specific areas are hit with flash flooding, there is fear that the rush of water could do such things as break water or sewer lines. Water facilities would face water contamination spreading throughout the community. Diseases such as malaria can reach epidemic proportions in a flooding catastrophe, and would spread quite quickly as people interact with each other. Protection from flooding is often not possible in many areas due to a lack of natural or manmade barriers. Flood insurance is about the only form of protection after a flood has occurred, but protection during a flood can be next to impossible.

The Impacts of Flooding

Global warming and flooding affects not only people caught in floods, but has widespread ramifications as well. Depending on the area, farm lands could easily be wiped out from flooding with loss of food crops and damages quickly escalating into millions of dollars. Many local area food markets will not be able to provide for their customers who need food. Local communities as well as surrounding areas could lose food, money, jobs, and even homes.

As a result of global warming and flooding, our earth is destined to face catastrophes which endanger lives. Weather changes are happening, but we must carry on to find new ways of providing alternative energy sources to protect the young people of today who will live on into the future. We must teach our children how to reduce and reuse by giving them life skills to help them survive. Our world will soon be theirs, so teach them about flooding and how global warming can be the ultimate cause of it. Education is the best defense against global warming.