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Global Warming And Environment

This article on "Global Warming And Environment" provides you with useful information about global warming.
Earthquakes, volcanoes, and blizzards are all occurring in our time and many of them are, in fact, the result of Global Warming. Because these potentially catastrophic events are occurring at much greater frequencies, it has become an area of grave concern with scientists and laypersons alike. The greatest concern appears to be whether or not we will be personally affected in any way. The truth is, the entire human population is currently being affected.

Impact of Global Warming on Water Quality

Water was once very fresh on Earth no matter where you found your source. Over the years humans have contributed to an abundance of waste and chemicals being released into the atmosphere. That factor, in combination with a breakdown in the ozone layer, has greatly contributed to acid rains which harmed our water systems worldwide. Now we all suffer from lack of water, droughts, and certainly the drop in water quality. Our responsibility to global warming and environment is lacking when we do nothing to restrict the amount of toxic gases being so freely released.

Air Quality and Global Warming

So many substances are being released into the atmosphere which is the ultimate cause of global warming. The common factor among many pollution sources like factories, cars, homes, and other businesses is mainly carbon dioxide. While it is true that trees and plants can, to some extent, counteract atmospheric carbon dioxide during photosynthesis, there are insufficient numbers of them to be of much use. Once the trees and plants have utilized what they can, the remainder is released back into the atmosphere. The problem then becomes trapped carbon dioxide that our atmosphere cannot release, making our temperatures rise. This reduces the quality of the air we breathe and raises temperatures worldwide.

Disappearing Ozone

The ozone is the natural barrier between the Earth and radiation emitted from the sun, which helps to control temperature by keeping those harmful rays at bay. Unfortunately, the abundance of carbon dioxide has burned holes in that protective layer, putting all life forms, plant and animal, at risk. Humans can get sunburned at a faster rate which significantly increases the potential for skin cancer. Plants lose their moisture rapidly which affects both the ecology and sources of food and energy. Farms, in particular, are highly affected by this in terms of economic stability. Global warming and the environment is much broader in scope than many of us realize at first glance.

Our world is at great risk due to the impact of global warming on the atmosphere and changing climates. Global warming and environment concerns should be uppermost in the minds of governments and private citizens alike. The damage we are inflicting on the environment is increasing at ever accelerating rates so it is incumbent upon us to protect planet earth for generations to follow. Recycle, reduce, and reuse at the statement goes, and be a part of the solution, not the problem.