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Global Warming Solutions

This article on "Global Warming Solutions" provides you with useful information about global warming.
The human race has to a large extent caused global warming. The question that needs to be answered is, what should be done to reverse this trend? One of the most obvious solutions is to do everything possible to prevent and curtail further greenhouse emissions. However, even if global warming solutions are implemented, the world would still be warming up by one degree Fahrenheit per year. Our next steps, therefore, need to be big enough to stop global warming.

A Warmer Planet

Scientists warn that the Earth will be warming up by anywhere from 2.5 degrees Fahrenheit to as high as 10 degrees Fahrenheit over time. Therefore, one of our main goals must be to stabilize concentrations of greenhouse gases (GHC) at a maximum of 450 to 500 parts per million. At present, the concentrations are at about 380 parts per million which gives us very little time left before we reach dangerous levels.

No Single Solution

Unfortunately, there is no one single global warming solution that can help in saving the world from the effects of global warming. Instead, many hundreds of different questions arise for which suitable answers are required. From hybrid cars to compact fluorescent bulbs to other energy efficient appliances, there are many solutions which need to be adopted in order to reduce and/or prevent global warming.

Best Global Warming Solutions

The best current global warming solutions that we know of would be to utilize things like solar farms and wind turbines to produce energy. That energy would then be converted into electricity and fed into the power grid. Other models that are effective include solutions like simple solar engines and solar chimneys which could be utilized on a local level.

Look for Common Factors

Another way of finding suitable global warming solutions is by looking at the factors that give rise to global warming. The burning of fossil fuels contributes immensely to the problem, so it should be a focal point in seeking solutions. In addition, more emphasis needs to be placed on public awareness so that private citizens are empowered to find global warming solutions which work for them personally, or within their local communities.

Warning Signs – Solutions Needed

Global warming is causing glaciers to recede and ocean levels are rising as a result. Hurricanes are becoming more powerful and immensely more dangerous. Arid zones are turning drier, while wetlands are becoming wetter. Within the next decade, unless proper global warming solutions are implemented, the change in world climates will become so severe that runaway greenhouse gas emissions will jeopardize our very existence.

The ideal solution would be to end global warming once and for all, but at the very least, future global warming solutions must slow the pace of its progression. If a greater number of people undertook small solutions, the sum total would provide a temporary fix until it can be dealt with, once and for all, on a global level.