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Global Warming Predictions

This article on "Global Warming Predictions" provides you with useful information about global warming.
Climatologists and ecologists have been raising alarms about the hazards of global warming for a long time. The rising sea levels and temperature are bound to cause havoc in the near or distant future. The effects of global warming have already come into the picture with large masses of ice melting away into the oceans, and certain species of animals reaching the brink of extinction because of climatic changes. Global warming predictions are being made by scientists all around the world. These predictions may or may not come true but there is no denial of the fact that global warming poses some serious threats to the human race.

Basis for Predictions

Most global warming predictions that have surfaced in magazines and newspapers are based on research done by the best minds in the country. Before geologists and ecologists make global warming predictions, they take into consideration, history of the Earth, streams of climatic changes in various areas, behavior of animals around the globe and facts based on reports elaborating upon the ice-water-land behavior on the planet. The current trend ascertains that the overall temperature of the Earth is definitely rising and masses of ice are surely melting. Similarly, glaciers are vanishing at a fast pace and the concentration of greenhouse gases like methane, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide is increasing in the atmosphere.

Effects on Animals

In a recent report, scientists pointed out the danger that looms around the animals walking the planet. The total species of animals is likely to be reduced to a half by the year 2050. This prediction has been made, keeping in mind the swinging balance of the food chain. Loss of habitat and shortage of food has been causing troubles for many species around the world. Hibernating animals come out of hibernation sooner than they should or stop hibernating at all. Some migratory birds are running short on food and have stopped migrating at all. Penguins are experiencing a hard time as the feeding ice sheets melt away into the oceans and these penguins set out in search of food into more dangerous patches of ice. Penguins are sensitive to heat and with the current rate of increase in temperature, half the total population of penguins is predicted to have disappeared by 2020. More severe food shortage spells and habitat losses are definitely in the cards, with ice bergs melting at a fast pace of 6 feet per year in the Arctic Circle.

Geological Predictions

Precipitation is predicted to increase 10% in the next 15 years and the sea levels are predicted to rise by 20 inches by 2021. The current temperature of the Earth is 59o F higher than the ideal temperature of the Earth and a recent study predicted that the rate of increase in temperature per year will reach 3 o F by 2015. As the sea levels continue to rise and the glaciers continue to dissolve in the oceans, sea animals have a lot to worry about. Coldwater fishes might already be staring into the jaws of extinction with 38 percent of water becoming unable to sustain fishes by 2017. Earthquakes, droughts, cyclones and even tsunamis are predicted to cause havocs of higher intensity and more frequently in various parts of the world because of the rising atmospheric temperature. With such alarming statistics awaiting confrontation with the human race, it is not surprising that climatologists have pushed the panic button already!