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How To Save The Earth At The Office

Informative article on: How To Save The Earth At The Office
Most of us spend almost one third of our lives either at work, or on route to and from the job, so when there is a concern for ecological issues, it only makes sense to place some of that concern on our place of employment. Whether it is finding things that you can personally do, or teaching others how to save the earth at the office, something can be done and your efforts will make an impact. There are actually key areas that can be focused on when making an attempt to make the workplace an eco-friendly environment.

1. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle - This mantra has become a way of life at home, but it can be used at the office as well. There are so many ways to reduce the amount of waste at work such as cutting up old memos to use as scrap, using shredded documents as packing when shipping and buying paper clips instead of staples as they are reusable. Anything you can reuse or recycle will not only save money, it will benefit the earth as well.

2. Digital Communications - Whenever possible send email in lieu of any kind of communication that requires paper and ink. Not only will this reduce the amount of waste, but it also saves on the use of fossil fuels for transporting mail. Every time you mail a letter, the post office uses trucks and carrier vehicles to deliver that mail. This uses valuable resources and also sends toxic carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Alternatively, limit your postal days to only two or three times a week as opposed to everyday.

3. Bring Lunch - Altogether too often we go out for lunch. This requires traveling to and from the nearest sandwich shop. Carrying a lunch now and again saves on fuel as well as helping to reduce carbon emissions. Be cognizant of the fact that using paper plates and disposable cups will just create more waste. When you bring lunch to work, use washable plastic plates and forks that can be used over again. Beverages can be brought in thermos bottles.

4. Carpool/Public Transportation - Many times there are coworkers who live near you who would be willing to carpool to and from the office. Also, there are park and ride areas near most bus and train stations in many larger cities. Any time it is possible to travel with larger groups of people you are reducing the amount of fossil fuels being utilized as well as reducing carbon emissions.

Although it may take some amount of effort, it is always best to try to get coworkers and management on board with your efforts to go green. Organize a staff meeting if it is within your power to do so, or request the assistance of your supervisor to get the ball rolling. Most companies relish the idea of saving money whenever and wherever possible, and saving the planet can also provide savings at work as well.