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How To Conserve Energy

Informative article on: How To Conserve Energy
Although recent events in the Gulf of Mexico and around the world have caused untold damages to this wonderful planet we live on, more people are starting to become aware of the fact that natural resources won’t last forever at the current rate we are using them. Also, the damage we are doing to the delicate ecological balance of the planet and the air we breathe by our dependence on fossil fuels is finally sinking in. People are finally beginning to question how to conserve energy in an attempt to put a stop to the mindless destruction we are wreaking on planet Earth. There are actually countless ways to go about conserving energy, whether you are at home or on the job.

Step 1: In the Home

The first place to begin examining how to conserve energy should always begin at home. We can’t always control what happens on the job (unless you’re the boss), and we certainly don’t seem to be able to influence our government in making wise choices in conservation, but we can do our part at home. A few tips to conserve energy at home would include:

• Energy efficient appliances
• Turn off the lights – Open the blinds
• Energy efficient bulbs – compact fluorescent bulbs or LED lights
• Cooking/Baking – microwave or convection uses less power
• Insulate hot water heater – protect heat from escaping
• Weatherize doors and windows – saves heating/cooling energy
• Unplug appliances and electronics when not in use
• Climate control – 78 degrees in summer, 68 degrees in winter
• Buy Green Energy if available in your area
• Install solar panels whenever possible to provide renewable energy

Not only can you save hundreds or thousands of dollars annually by conserving energy at home but you will be doing your part in reducing our dependence on fossil fuel.

Step 2: On the Job and on the Go

Unless you are the supervisor or owner of the place you work, there really isn’t a lot you can do, unless you organize a committee to increase awareness of the need for energy conservation. There are, however, small steps that you can take if you are truly concerned with conserving energy.

• Turn off all lights when leaving the office
• Unplug all equipment each night
• Use email in lieu of snail mail or faxes whenever possible
• Cut up old copies to use flip-side as note paper
• Talk to your boss about recycling shredded documents
• Use paper clips instead of staples – they’re reusable
• Carpool to and from work to save gas

The more you can ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ on the job, the less energy will be expended in making new products. Even if you don’t have the ultimate authority to make departmental or company policy, do what you can within your own duties. Every little bit adds up.

There will always be some areas of your life that you just can’t control. Being aware of small things you can do will add up over the course of time. Whether you are at home or on the job, be aware of just how much energy you waste and think about ways you can reduce or prevent waste altogether. Talk to family, friends and coworkers to show them what you’ve learned. You might be surprised at things they’ve learned along the way on how to conserve energy.