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How To Conserve Energy At Work

Informative article on: How To Conserve Energy At Work
Many people have begun conserving energy at home but are still looking for effective ways to go green at work as well. When considering how to conserve energy at work, even if you are not the boss, there are several things you have within your power to do to make an impact.

Use That Phone – Save Gas

It isn’t always necessary to hop in the car to contact a client or to canvas your market for leads. Many times you can accomplish more by making a simple phone call or two. Whenever you don’t have anything physical to pick up or deliver, consider making a phone call instead. This saves time, energy and a good deal of gas in the process.

Energy Saving Tips when Shipping

There are a couple of things you can do to conserve energy at work when it comes to shipping. Being aware of the fact that the company transporting your package uses fuel to operate their vehicles and the post office uses fuel to deliver your mail, combine the two whenever possible. Place an envelope with any communications in that package you are shipping. In addition, shredded paper makes great packaging material; this protects our forests and less energy is needed to produce bubble wrap if you are buying less.

Eat at Your Desk

We all like to go out to lunch after a chaotic morning on the job. By eating in the cafeteria or at your desk you are saving invaluable natural resources. Unless there is a sandwich shop nearby that you can walk to, skip eating out as often as possible. When you pack your lunch, be mindful of the fact that any Styrofoam or paper plates you use takes energy to manufacture. Use thermos jugs and reusable containers as often as possible.

Carpool or Take Public Transportation

Depending on where you live, it just might be possible to take public transportation to and from work. Many major cities have park and ride locations where you can drive a limited distance, leave your vehicle and hop on a bus or train to go the distance to and from work. If coworkers live nearby, set up carpooling with as many as possible. Not only does this safe money and fuel, it gives you a chance to get better acquainted with the people you work with. A little camaraderie goes a long way.

Digital Communications

Every office has at least one computer connected to the internet. It is possible to save hundreds or thousands of dollars annually by communicating digitally instead of by the postal service. Not only are you saving on paper, envelopes and postage, it takes no fuel to deliver a letter delivered by email (except for the small amount of electricity it takes to keep that computer booted up).

Unplug at the End of the Day

Finally, at the end of the day unplug whatever you can before you turn off the lights and head home. Some equipment needs to be left on, but anything you can unplug will save energy. Many of us aren’t aware of just how much energy equipment draws even when turned off. Even though each item only uses a trickle, several items left plugged in over the course of a month or a year adds up quite quickly.

It is quite possible that some of your coworkers have their own ideas on how to conserve energy at work. By getting together to discuss viable options, you will be doing your part to save the planet while saving some money for yourselves and your boss. Who knows, that savings just might convert itself into a welcome bonus or pay raise.