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Home Energy Conservation

Informative article on: Home Energy Conservation
Some families are interested in energy conservation as a means of reducing pollution and global warming, while others focus on trying to save money in their utility bills. Still others are trying to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. In any case, home energy conservation is currently a topic of concern that has garnered a good deal of interest in the public eye. The place to begin is with a home energy audit to find ways to reduce energy usage as well as to find ways to use energy more efficiently.

Home Energy Audit

Although there are companies that can perform a professional home energy audit, many people choose to do their own because of the expense involved. There are various areas which should be examined in to establish if there are any ways to use less energy or to use energy more efficiently. The four basic areas that should always be a part of a home energy audit would include lighting, heating/cooling units, insulation and air leaks.

Reduce Energy Usage

Whether or not you choose to perform an energy audit, there are a few common sense tips that can help with home energy conservation. Many people find that the following tips have helped them to greatly reduce energy consumption.

• Turn off lights when leaving rooms
• Unplug appliances when not in use
• Thermostats higher in summer – lower in winter
• Hang clothing out to dry instead of using dryer
• Prevent heat/air from escaping – insulation and weatherizing
• Wash clothing in cold or warm water – never hot

These are just a few suggestions, but they can save an average family literally hundreds of dollars each year not to mention the good they are doing for the ecology.

Use Energy More Efficiently

The principle behind energy efficiency is to be able to get the same results by using less energy. For example, if all doors and windows are not weatherized, more energy is needed to keep the home warm in the winter and cool in the summer because of all the air that is escaping through the cracks. It is possible to use energy more efficiently by using some of the following suggestions:

• Weatherize doors and windows to prevent air leakage
• Wrap hot water heaters to prevent heat from escaping
• Energy efficient Star Compliant appliances use less power
• Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs & LED lights
• Microwave and convection ovens bake more quickly
• Skylights and/or open blinds during daylight to brighten rooms

There are many more innovative ways to utilize energy more efficiently, and as time goes on, technology will find even more efficient methods than are currently available.

Home energy conservation could actually go a long way in protecting the ecology if every family made a conscious effort to do their part. It doesn’t always entail large expenditures. Simple things like turning off the lights when you leave the room or unplugging appliances and electronics when not in use go a long way. Whether you’re a conservationist or just a family trying to save some money along the way, home energy conservation is a great place to begin.