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"The LED City" - Torraca, Italy Program

The following is an Article about (The LED City Torraca Italy).
“The LED City”- Torraca, Italy is a small village that has become famous for being the very first city in the world to use light emitting diodes or LEDs to illuminate its streets. They decided to take part in a program that required them to make some major changes to their city. This was a huge decision but it has paid off for this small city and it continues to have an effect on the way LEDs are viewed by the rest of the world.

LEDs are made from a small piece of semiconductor that produces light while using less electricity than traditional forms of lighting. The cost of these bulbs is one of the biggest obstacles standing in the way of more cities making the switch. However, in 2007, Torraca decided to commit and convert all of their outdoor lighting to LEDs even though it meant coming up with a huge amount of money up-front. They stood by their decision and before the year ended, they accomplished what they set out to do.

The goal the city of Torraca had set forth to accomplish was to help protect the environment and save energy at the same time. They also hoped to reduce the cost of maintenance needed for the upkeep of their street lights. They wanted to provide better quality lighting that would improve visibility and help make the streets safer. This was a big step for the city but it was a good one. As a result of the decision made to undertake this conversion, they have received huge savings.

The Mayor of “The LED City” Torraca, Italy reports they are completely satisfied with the savings they have received from replacing all of the incandescent lighting in the streets with LED lighting. In fact, they are also very happy with the type of light the LEDs provide. They consider it to be such a success that they’re planning to continue making this conversion in other parts of the city.

This was a remarkable program that has set the stage for many other cities to do the same. There are more than thirty installations around the world following in Torraca’s footsteps and there are sure to be even more cities making this very important decision in the near future. It’s amazing how the efforts of one small city could make such an impression on the whole world and encourage so many others to think of the future and make changes that will, overall, affect the entire world.

The efforts of “The LED City” Torraca, Italy have helped to change the world. They put aside the up-front cost for this project and looked at the big picture. They set their sights on the future and looked at the savings this change would create in the long run. The positive results they have received from this program has encouraged others to follow their example. Now “The LED City” is an expanding community that consists of cities joining in to make the conversion to LEDs all over the globe.