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Solar Area Lighting Editorial Pitch L.A. Mag

The following is an Article about (Solar Area Lighting Editorial Pitch L.A. Mag).
Industries around the world are feeling the push towards cleaner, greener energy solutions, and landscape architects are no different. From greening campuses to providing clean, versatile solutions for park environments, landscape architects are required to meet a variety of challenges for a variety of clients on a daily basis. Illumination often constitutes a large piece of a complex landscaping puzzle. Whether installed to increase security or to expand the usability of outdoor areas, illumination can present an architect with unique challenges.

With electrical grid access as a primary concern, illumination is also challenged by significant installation, maintenance and electricity costs. Barriers such as remote location and budget constraints can prevent the installation of lighting in areas where it could be most useful.

At the forefront of lighting innovation, solar LED area lighting is being recognized as a viable option for illuminating pedestrian scale lighting applications while meeting the varied and often competing requirements faced by landscape architects. Producing no green house gas emissions, solar area lighting is an eco-friendly solution that allows an agency to be visible in its move to meet green initiatives. With no connection to the electrical grid and no ongoing electrical costs, solar LED area lighting allows for versatility, reliability and cost-savings beyond anything hardwired solutions can offer.

With recent and continued advancements in both solar and LED technology, solar area lighting is a solution that brings landscape architects a new level of versatility in illumination applications and promises even greater versatility as the product continues to develop.

The Solar-LED lighting system is available now from Carmanah Technologies. For more information, visit, or telephone 1.877.722.8877 (toll free in US and Canada).