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LED Light Therapy Treatments

The following is an Article about (LED Light Therapy Treatments).
Technologies in LED lighting have come a long way. We now see these types of lights being used in a variety of places. What you might not have known is that they are being used for LED light therapy treatments that many people have found successful. Heat lamps have been used for the reduction of pain in the past. People believed that it was the heat from these lamps that help treat pain but now we have evidence that it is the infrared of the light spectrum itself that actually helps.

There are certain conditions that are believed to be helped by LED light therapy treatments. These include osteoarthritis, burns, scrapes, cuts, ulcers, macular degeneration, fibromyalgia, pain from bunions, tendinitis, myofascial pain, recent nerve injury, bursitis and wound healing, particularly in diabetes.

But if that isn't enough about LED light therapy treatments, they are also believed to help with many sports injuries such as the knees, ankles or even shoulder injuries. They have been used with laser burns to the retina and also for preventing bruising and inflammation of fresh injuries. It is believed that these LED lights can help treat the pain and severity of certain conditions such as this and also to help shorten the healing time.

There are some other conditions that some believe can be helped by LED light therapy treatments but these are not officially proven by the FDA at this time. These include wrinkles, aging, acne, skin spots, bone healing, existing bruises and inflammation, some types of back pain, rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, poison ivy and dermatitis.

Some of these treatments are hit and miss and often dependant on the person or the situation as to whether or not they will see an improvement. However, many people feel it's worth the try to see if it will help with these existing conditions.

There are some things that LED light therapy cannot help with such as headaches, scars, infection, muscles aches, any deep injury or injury beneath bone, the actual size of your bunions, or to reverse osteoarthritis bone deformation. While it can help ease the discomfort of many situations, it is not a miracle cure for damage that has already been done to the body.

When it comes to LED light therapy treatments, you should always have this done by someone who is experienced in this type of therapy. Leaving it on for too long can actually reverse the helpful affects of the light therapy. Instead you need to time it just right for the type of treatment and the part of the body that it is happening on. This is why the care of an experienced person will be needed.

You will be amazed at how soothing LED light therapy can be to things such as burns and scrapes. Recent sports injuries also find relief when treatment is started right away and given several times per day in short intervals. The more you learn about LED light therapy treatments, the better you will see that technology continues to grow and advance in LEDs and in medicine.