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LED Light Therapy for Wrinkles, Acne & Anti-Aging

The following is an Article about (LED Light Therapy for Wrinkles).
Have you heard about LED light therapy for wrinkles, acne and anti-aging? It seems everyone is looking for a cure for conditions like this and LEDs might be the answer you seek. Did you know that some people believe that light therapy from LEDs (light emitting diodes) can be helpful in treating wrinkles, acne and even the signs of aging?

While these claims have not all been verified yet by the FDA, many people are trying these treatments for themselves and finding them effective. There are also approved over the counter LED kits and lights that you can purchase to allow LED light therapy on the go.

With more of an emphasis on youth and beauty today than ever before, it's understandable that people will be looking for new methods of halting the aging process and keeping skin looking youthful and healthy. LEDs are just another way that this can happen today and it's more effective than anything you will find in a jar of skin cream.

Some also believe that LED light therapy helps with psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and other types of skin conditions. If this is true then we can see how it might also help with wrinkles and aging. It seems practical when you think about how LEDs help heal scrapes and cuts and even minor bruises. If LED lights can have that type of impact on the skin in order to heal a cut, why couldn't they also help heal wrinkles or the signs of aging?

LED stands for light emitting diode and it is a type of light making a big scene across all lighting industries. Studies show that LEDs may work for wrinkles and anti-aging because the light that comes from an LED speeds up the production of both collagen and elastin. The light creates a biochemical reaction in the skin which is comparable to photo synthetic reaction.

There have also been studies that say the color of the LED light could have an impact on how it affects the skin. It is said that red LEDs can help remove wrinkles and yellow lights can help rejuvenate the skin and give you back your youthful glow.

The blue lights are believed to help with acne, although it probably won't help remove acne scarring as it can't go deep enough for these embedded scars. It's important also to note that LED light therapy needs to be done correctly to be effective. Not enough time with the lights will not yield a good result; too much time under the lights can yield no results at all.

Most LED lighting systems have three different wavelengths – red, yellow and blue. When you purchase an over the counter LED light therapy device, it will contain these three lights. They are even made today where they are compact enough to go with you nearly anywhere. Toss it in your bag on vacation or while traveling for work and you can maintain your skin routine each day, even while away from home.