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Instructions on How to Calculate the Energy Savings of Switching to LED Christmas Lights

The following is an Article about (How to Calculate the energy savings of switching to LED Christmas lights).
By switching from incandescent lights to LED Christmas lights you can save energy and still enjoy the beauty they create during the holidays. Before you can learn how to calculate the energy savings of switching to LED Christmas lights, there are a few things you’ll need to get started.

To begin, you’ll need access to a conversion calculator. These are easy to use and they can be found online but they’re not all the same. You’ll need to find a conversion calculator that allows you to enter watts and time. Simply typing the phrase “conversion watt calculator” into your web browser should give you access to the right type of calculator.

Next, you’ll need to determine how many bulbs you have, the wattage of each set of bulbs and the amount of time they will be turned on. You’ll also need the average cost of a kilowatt hour in your particular area. You can contact your local electric company or access their official website to learn this information. Normally, the average kilowatt is around ten cents but this does vary per area and having an exact figure will make the comparison more accurate.

After gathering together all the information you need, use the instructions on how to calculate the energy savings of switching to LED Christmas lights listed below. This will help you determine how much you could save by making the change:

• Determine the total watts used by multiplying the number of bulbs by the wattage. For example, if you have 100 bulbs and they are 7watt bulbs, the amount would be 700.
• Put this number into the conversion calculator in the box labeled “Watt Hours” found under the “Energy Used” section.
• Enter the amount of time the bulbs will be turned on in the section labeled “Time” and this will give you the amount of kilowatt hours the lights use. When you put the time in this section you’ll notice a pull-down menu. Click on the arrow to select seconds, minutes, hours and so forth to enter the correct amount of time or it will automatically be set for seconds.
• Use the kilowatt hours and multiply it by the cost of electricity in your area and this figure is how much it will cost you to use those particular lights for that length of time.
• Next, you’ll need to repeat the process using the LED Christmas lights.
• The last step will be to compare the total amount of electricity used by the incandescent lights to the amount used by the LED lights and the difference will be your savings.

Even the smallest change can make a difference in the amount of energy consumed each year. Changing the type of Christmas lights you use may seem small but it can add up to big savings over time. LED lights burn cooler so they are considered safer to use and they do conserve energy.

They’re no longer used just for decorating the Christmas tree once a year. Many people use them to decorate for receptions, parties, anniversaries and many other special occasions. Learning how to calculate the energy savings of switching to LED Christmas lights can help you determine if it’s something you should consider.