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High-Power LEDs Lighting Options

This article about High-Power LEDs explains about the benefits and uses of High-Power LEDs.
High-power LEDs are lights designed to produce a stronger light source than regular LEDs. LED stands for light emitting diode and they’re actually the simplest type of semiconductor device designed for producing light made today. Here’s how they work. The current travels in one direction and the “free electrons” travel to both ends as they fill in the “electron holes” that represent a low energy state within the bulb.

Photons are what the eyes see and perceive as light. A photon is the difference between the energy that the current and electrons create. The amount of photons released is what controls how much light a bulb will produce. Therefore, the high-power LEDs will release more of these photons allowing them to produce brighter lighting.

In order to be considered a high power bulb, the LEDs must be more than one watt. The high-power LEDs produce a stronger light source than regular LEDs so, they can produce enough light to be used almost anywhere you can imagine. You can find them in all types of industrial companies to the residential home.

High-power LEDs are not just used to produce lights in homes and businesses. They’re used in a variety of other products and items as well. For example, you can find them in streetlights and the automobile industry uses them in dashboards and headlights. They’re used in signal lights, highway directional signs and similar items. LED lights are quickly beginning to replace the old incandescent lights in many different areas because they’re dependable and last so much longer than traditional bulbs.

The biggest problem manufactures have had with the high power LED lights is keeping them cool. They produce more heat than the regular LEDs and this heat must be removed. If a system is not used to remove the heat, the temperature of the bulb will rise too high and this causes the reliability and efficiency of the bulb to decrease. It also makes the bulbs unsafe to use because of the excessive heat they produce.

Manufactures have now found a way to solve this problem. They use blue and silver nano-wires in a conductive paste to glue the diode to the substrate. Nano-wires have a very high thermal and electrical conductivity. The silver wires will help to reduce the amount of heat generated and funnel the remaining heat away from the diode where it can cause problems.

Thanks to this type of technology, consumers can now enjoy the benefits of the more powerful LED lights. Under normal use, they’re expected to last between twenty-five to thirty years and they won’t dim over the years. In other words, the bulbs will be just as bright twenty-five years in the future as they are the first time you turn them on.

High-power LEDs are environmentally friendly which is why they are steadily taking the place of the incandescent lights. More and more consumers realize the importance of preserving energy so they don’t mind the higher up-front cost of the LED lights. They know they’re saving energy and ultimately saving money because these lights will pay for themselves very quickly.