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GE's New Omnidirection LED Bulb that Will Last for 17 Years Is an Excellent Breakthrough

The following is an Article about (GES New Omnidirection LED Bulb that Will Last for 17 Years).
GE’s new omnidirection LED bulb that will last for 17 years is an excellent breakthrough for modern technology. GE has announced that an LED 40 watt replacement bulb is expected to be available in the near future. This “Energy Smart” bulb is expected to save consumers over seventy-five percent more energy while putting out almost the same amount of light as the incandescent bulb does.

These new light bulbs are also expected to last up to twenty-five times longer while consuming approximately nine watts of electricity. GE’s new omnidirection LED bulb that will last for 17 years has many other features besides lasting for a long period of time. For example, these bulbs are designed to produce better lighting than the original LEDs. This is achieved by directing the light downward to deliver a full brightness that will illuminate the area just as well as the halogen or the incandescent bulbs could.

A few more excellent features that consumers can appreciate would be that these bulbs will achieve full brightness the second they’re turned on. They don’t contain any mercury so they’re safer to use and they don’t have any filament that can break easily. This means they’re more durable than the traditional bulbs so they don’t have to be handled as gently.

Considering they burn cooler and last so much longer while providing better lighting for the home, the new GE omnidirection LED bulb is truly a great breakthrough for the lighting industry. This is a big step in the right direction when it comes to creating lighting consumers will be satisfied with and that provides them with great quality.

This is a wonderful breakthrough for the lighting industry because most LED lights only project light in one direction. They don’t light up the room like the traditional bulbs can. However, the new omnidirection LED bulb by GE will distribute the light in all directions. Since this has been one of the major concerns for consumers since the LED lights where first invented, it appears the problem of not producing enough light has been solved.

An exact price for the new bulbs has not been set at this time but they’re expected to be somewhere in the price range of forty to fifty dollars. This may seem a little high at first. Nevertheless, that’s not a bad price when you consider the fact that if they’re left burning for approximately four hours a day, they’re expected to last a good seventeen years. It really all depends on how you view things personally.

Eventually, manufacturers will no longer make incandescent bulbs due to the increasing concern surrounding the earth’s natural resources. Saving energy is on the mind of almost everyone. In the meantime, manufactures with the help of researchers, will continue to find more ways to improve LED lights making them more acceptable to the public. The time for change is here and the GE’s new omnidirection LED bulb that will last for 17 years is certainly a step in the right direction.