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How Color Light Bulbs Can Set the Atmosphere

This article about Color Light Bulbs explains about the benefits and uses of Color Light Bulbs.
It is a known fact that certain colors can trigger certain responses in the brain and can create any atmosphere or mood. Color light bulbs can be used in the same way to create a temporary atmosphere for a party or romantic evening. When the special day or occasion is over, the light bulbs can be replaced with the normal soft white light that most people prefer. The light bulbs can be used in combinations of colors to create an even more dramatic mood for any room in the home. The following is an example of colors and the moods that they inspire:

• Red – Red is most commonly associated with two very passionate moods which are love and anger. For this reason, red should be used only in times when a romantic atmosphere is wanted and would not be appropriate for large parties as the color could induce violence in the guests. Red color light bulbs are not a good choice for a baby’s room or any bedroom as it does not promote relaxation.

• Yellow – For a happy summer feel, yellow color light bulbs are a great option. In the winter time when the sun is spending more time in the southern continents, bring the feel of the sun into the home with yellow light bulbs. This color is going to do much for keeping spirits up when the dull gray winter months get tedious. Some are going to find that they are not as depressed when they have yellow light bulbs to cheer them up.

• Blue – One of the best colors to bring about a relaxing atmosphere is blue. This color can create an aura of tranquility to any room. Using blue color light bulbs is a great way to calm a fussy baby or to set the mood for meditation. It is a known fact that blue can actually slow the heart rate and helps to create a sense of calm.

• Green – Out of all the colors, green is often chosen as a favorite. Green is known for promoting health and for this reason; many hospitals use green scrubs in the operating room and some use them exclusively. Those who are ill are going to find comfort and healing by having green color light bulbs turned on while they are convalescing.

• Orange – This color often inspires some of the same emotion as red does but to a smaller degree with the addition of orange inspiring energy instead of anger. While most wouldn’t consider orange to be a romantic color, it is considered to be a fall color and orange color light bulbs are a great addition to any Halloween party.

A great way to get some really unique looks for any room is to use a combination of color light bulbs instead of just one. Have a beam with blue angled in one corner for a relaxing spot out of the way during a party while the rest of the room can be green or yellow depending on the event that is being held. The only limit to the combination of color light bulbs is the imagination.