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A Comparison of Incandescent, CFLs and LED Light Bulbs

The following is an Article about (A Comparison of Incandescent, CFLs and LED Light Bulbs).
If you want to fully understand why so many people are choosing LED lighting today, it pays to do a comparison of incandescent, CFLs and LED light bulbs so that you can understand how each work and what the differences are.

If you're looking to upgrade in your home, even in just one room, it can pay to know as much as possible about how they compare to one another. Basically incandescent lights are considered dinosaurs in the industry. They are the oldest type of lighting available and while still commonly used, more and more people are opting for newer and better light sources.

CFL stands for compact fluorescent and these are another popular choice that has been making waves in the lighting scene. They are slowly but steadily pushing incandescent bulbs out of the lighting scene. The only thing that's really still working for the incandescent is that it remained the cheapest option when it comes to each bulb individually.

However in the long run, it's not saving you any money because they burn out quickly and easily, have to be replaced more often and still cost more over time to operate so your electric bill will be higher with this bulb choice. A more economical choice is to pay more for the CFL or LED bulb now and reap the savings over time.

If we have to order them according to price from cheapest to costliest for individual bulbs, it would look something like this on average:

• Incandescent

However, the LED light will save you the most money over time with CFL coming in second and incandescent costing you more in the long run than either of the others.

But price isn’t the only factor when choosing a good light bulb. Performance ranks high on the list of important factors to consider when choosing your lighting. Efficiency is a key factor and LED lights win out on this scale overall. CFL is the next best choice as they perform better and longer than the incandescent bulb.

If we were to put them in order from brightest to lightest, it would look like this:

• Incandescent

So while LED lights are less bright than the standard bulb, most people find they get used to this and it isn't a problem. When the brighter light is more important, CFLs make an affordable and economical alternative to the standard incandescent bulb.

Now that you have a strong comparison of incandescent, CFLs and LED light bulbs, it will help you to see which one to use for your needs and how to know which type to select for your lighting needs. Over time, it's predicted that we won't see incandescent bulbs being used at all but for now, they are still cheap and readily available so you find them in many homes. However, the better alternatives are making a move in the market and becoming more affordable and easier to find so we can expect to see more people making the shift themselves.