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C7 Led Christmas Lights

Valuable information about: C7 Led Christmas Lights

Christmas is a time for decorations. Lighting the Christmas tree and illuminating the exterior of your home takes on a whole new meaning when done using LED lights. The C7 LED Christmas lights are the perfect choice for decorating your home for the holidays.

Advantages of C7 LED Christmas Lights

LED Christmas bulbs come in two sizes, C7 & C9. The C7 lights are a bit smaller than C9 and can work indoors as well as outside. Because they are smaller, they will not overpower the lighting in any interior room. These lights also use up to 90% less electricity than standard Christmas bulbs. They will not get hot so you will not have to worry about burned hands or décor safety. LED lights last much longer than standard lights and they are very sturdy and hard to break.

C7 Bulbs

There are different types of C7 LED bulbs that are available for decoration. The standard strawberry patterned lamp bulbs come in white, amber, gold, red, blue, green, pink and purple. You have the option of selecting a single color or combining different colors. These bulbs can also be purchased as twinkling or stationary. There are also smooth bulbs that are completely transparent. They come in amber, blue, clear, green, pink, purple, teal yellow or red. If you do not like the patterned or transparent LED’s, you can select the more traditional opaque or frosted bulb in red, amber, gold, blue, pink, purple, green or white. These bulbs can also be selected with a twinkle feature.

Accessories for C7 Christmas Lights

Christmas wire that fits the C7 lights can be purchased in varying lengths from 25 feet to 100 feet. There are even spools of green or white wire that are 1000 feet. These larger spools are ideal for commercial holiday projects. Clips are available to set lights in place so they do not sag. There are also clips available to attach lights to shingles or gutters without doing any harm. You can purchase light stakes to add lovely illumination to your walkway or driveway. These stakes keep your lights in place above the grass and away from snow and rain puddles.

Arranging the C7 Christmas Lights

You have the option of purchasing pre-made strands of LED Christmas lights in varying colors and lengths or you can be creative and build your own lighting. End-to-end connectors allow you to join strands of lights together to create a string of up to 1,500 feet in length. These strands can be purchased without lights and you can buy the lights separately and create any color pattern you desire. Because you can join strands together, you will not have to worry about multiple extension chords and sufficient plugs. All you need is one plug. The smaller lengths of wire can be used to decorate the tree or run along a banister or over a fireplace mantle.

C7 Christmas lights are very versatile. They can be used both inside and outside your home. They can even be used to decorate your boat as they draw so little energy, they will barely affect the batteries. LED Christmas lights also have the advantage of one plug and connectors to join strings of lights.