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Boat Led Lights

Valuable information about: Boat Led Lights

LED lights can be used just about anywhere. They are popular in the house, at work, on cars or motorcycles and even on boats. Boat LED lights have been growing in popularity due to their sturdiness and longevity.

Advantages of LED Lights in Boats

Because LED lights are very bright, they can be clearly seen during the day as well as at night. In addition, once these lights have been installed, you can basically forget about them, as they can stay illuminated for up to 100,000 hours. LED lights are also very durable. They are quite resistant to vibrations common in boats. With traditional lighting, these vibrations can cause the filament in the bulbs to break quite easily. As time has gone on, boats become more and more power hungry with the addition of radios, navigation equipment, radar, sonar, microwaves, refrigeration and large entertainment systems. LEDs produce very little heat, use up very little electricity and require very little maintenance.

Uses for Boat LED Lights

Not only can LED lights be used anywhere there is standard illumination, they can also be set in places where traditional illumination would not work. Magnalight LED light strips can be placed under cabinets or railings. They can also light up the walkways. LED underwater lights sit so flush against the hull they cause no additional drag when the boat is in motion. These LED lights can also be used to illuminate the deck or the engine room. They are effective as navigation lights or as spotlights. LED lights can now be set up to light any area of the boat or the surrounding water.

Staying Safe at Night

Taking a boat out in the water at night can be a major safety concern. Without proper illumination of the water, boats can hit floating debris or even each other. The high powered spotlights that will effectively illuminate the surrounding waters can seriously drain the boat’s batteries. The answer to this dilemma is the LED light emitter bars. These lights have up to 40 LED bulbs that can illuminate out on the water up to 1,300 feet. In addition, the swivel on the light lets it be moved around to light a particular area. These boat LED lights use 5X fewer watts than standard halogen bulbs. In addition, their lifespan is up to 50,000 hours. These lights also illuminate immediately and so they are the perfect choice in an emergency situation. Boat LED lights are also waterproof and resistant to extreme weather conditions.

Using LEDs to Fish

Boat LED lights can be used to attract large game fish. Lights set on the hull of boats are a very popular method of attracting fish. However these lights require careful installation, as wires need to be run through the hull. The other option is spot illumination on the surface of the water. The problem is in order to be effective, these lights must be very strong and consequently are a drain on the boat’s batteries. The answer to these problems is LED spreader lights. The lights are sufficiently strong but with a low energy draw, they do not have a significant effect on the batteries. In addition, there are hull-mounted lights that are easy to install and also create sufficient illumination to attract the large game fish.