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Blue Led Lights

Valuable information about: Blue Led Lights

Blue LED lights are quite different in their use when compared to other LED lights. They can reduce discomfort or cause discomfort depending on how they are used. Blue LEDs can also be purchased to enjoy and have fun with.

Caution with Blue LED Lights

The distinction of blue LED lights as compared to red, green or any other LED light is its almost painful intensity. The shorter wavelength causes a lot of discomfort when staring directly at the light. In addition, blue lights can be very distracting as the color passing over the eyeball creates a halo effect. When shopping for a blue LED light, test the light in the dark. A blue light in a lit room does not seem nearly as intense as it does in the dark. For those who use these little blue lights in an unlit room, try covering them with a black magic marker.

Creating Summer with Blue LED Lights

Many people can find themselves suffering from depression or fatigue during the winter. This syndrome is known as Seasonal Affective Disorder and is quite common in areas close to the North Pole where sunlight is very limited during the winter months. This is because our internal clock is not getting enough sunlight. Recently blue LED light has been used to create a high intensity light that relieves the winter doldrums. The blue light simulates the bright blue skies of the summer months and your body wakes up and gets more energized.

Killing Bacteria with Blue LED Lights

As a therapeutic tool, blue LED lights are also said to reduce the bacteria that causes periodontal disease and acne. Exposure to blue LED light is also said to help rosacea and MERSA. When studying blue LED light and its effect on periodontal gum disease, it was found that the blue light had a negative effect on Gram-negative bacteria that caused gum disease. A study done on blue light and its effect on acne showed that after 12 weeks of treatment with a red and blue LED light, the skin showed significant reduction of lesions on the face. The wavelength of the blue light also had a phototoxic effect on the staphylococcus bacteria that causes MRSA. Other studies have shown that blue LED light reduces the redness associated with Rosacea.

Fun with Blue LED Lights

There is a lot of fun to be had with these colored LED lights. A recent trend in home d├ęcor is to set a blue and red LED light in your water faucet. While the water runs cold the blue LED light stays lit and the water appears blue. As the water warms the blue color turns to red indicating hot water is now coming out of the faucet. Blue LED lighting also comes on ropes or strings of bulbs. These can be strung along a home or around a Christmas Tree during the holidays. Blue LED lighting can also be used for flashing dog collars, imitation ice cubes and blue flashing mouthpieces.