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Best Led Lights

Valuable information about: Best Led Lights

LED lighting has become popular for both personal and commercial use. Whether illuminating a home or business, LED lights save money and are also environmentally friendly.

Best Selling LED Light Bulbs

The best LED lights from a consumer’s standpoint are those that service the home well. Floodlights are a very popular choice to ensure the security of a home. During holidays, they can be dressed up in red, blue or green LED lights. Standard light bulbs are also a best seller, whether for track lighting, a chandelier or a small bedside lamp. There are even LED bulbs for decorative purposes including smaller bulbs for nightlights or candelabra.

Best LED Lights for Commercial Purposes

Traditional commercial lighting has also given way to LED light. This is especially true in areas where lighting is needed to enhance an area that has public traffic. Today, there are even kits that business owners can purchase to retrofit their standard old-fashioned lighting with new LED lights. These kits can be used to change lighting in parking lots and parking garages. Gas stations can also install new LED lighting at the pumps and under the canopies. There are even new LED lighting systems for warehouses and retail stores.

Other Best LED lights

There are several other types of LED lights that are very popular. Flashlights are now available with an LED light component and these have become quite popular especially amongst campers as they illuminate a wider area than standard flashlights. Mirror lights are another new innovation. They are especially effective in illuminating your face for shaving and makeup application. These mirror lights are also available in small compacts that will fit in your purse. Undercarriage lighting for automobiles has also become very popular especially since controllers allow the driver to alter the pattern, color and flash time. LED lights are also a new favorite for Christmas decorations. The rope lighting is very flexible and can be set along the outlines of a home or coiled to resemble a Christmas tree.

Advantages of the Best LED Lights

What makes LED lights the best? LED light users can reduce electricity billing by 80%. While a traditional halogen light can cost up to $17.00 per kilowatt hour, an LED light only costs approximately $2.00 per kilowatt hour. In addition, these lights will stay illuminated for up to 100,000 hours. LED lights do not need any warm up time as they light immediately. There are no mercury or lead elements so, there is no environmental hazard. These lights are very versatile and operate from –40F to 180F. The lights do not get hot and therefore, they are less likely to burn or spark a fire. They are also stronger and less prone to breakage.

The best LED lights are those that benefit the consumer and the business owner. These lights can be used in almost every area of the home or business for any reason, from simple illumination to elaborate decoration. Their cost saving abilities makes them a popular choice for everyone.