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Battery Operated Led Lights

Valuable information about: Battery Operated Led Lights
One of the newest fads for the home, the backyard and parties is battery operated LED lights. These lights are so versatile they can be the size of a pinhead sitting at the end of a small wire. All come attached to a small battery pack to keep them lit for hours on end.

Home Battery Operated LED Lights

Battery operated LED lights are perfect for illuminating your favorite art. These lights come in both short and long models and with 3 AAA batteries will last up to 60 hours. In addition, the individual LED lights will last up to 100,000 hours without burning out. LED lighting has also been made for placement anywhere in the home. These circular lights can be put under cabinets, in closets or in the garage. They turn on with a touch and even have a dimming option. There are also under cabinet LED lights with a swivel option so the light can be aimed in any direction. Battery operated LED lights also work well as reading lights. Many come with clips to fasten to the bed or the book itself. Task lights can be used when lighting is needed to complete specific duties. These lights usually have a flat desk under them for meticulous work.

Outdoor Lighting

Battery operated LED lights are also very popular for outdoor use. Many of these outdoor lights have an amber color as they do not attract mosquitoes and other insects. These battery operated amber lights come in several designs including tiki torches perfect for an outdoor luau. Barbecuing at night is no longer a problem as there are now LED lights that will actually clip to the barbecue. Battery operated LED lights are also available to light up doorways and pathways. There are also spotlights for use as security lighting. Bamboo sticks can be used to light up a patio or walkway and there are even arbors lit with LED leaf like lights.

Party Time

One of the most popular uses for Battery operated LED lighting is for parties. Guests can actually drink their wine and martinis out of LED lit glasses. Or the host or hostess can serve hors d’oeuvres on LED lit serving trays. Flickering candles with LED lighting can be set out on tables to provide a romantic glow. Halloween parties can gather their witches around a fire-burning cauldron complete with a simulated fire using LED lights. Paper lanterns can shine with multi colored LED lights and glowing ice cubes can bring a whole new dimension to mojitos and margaritas. LED lights can even be set under tableskirts to give each guest table a colorful place to dine.

Additional Uses

There are many other uses for battery operated LED lighting. There are LED fairy lights that can be strung for holidays, parties or just to emphasize a particular area in your home. LED lights sitting on the ends of simulated tree branches can be used for home décor or to light up a party. Glowbys have become very popular and are simply fiberoptic LED strands with a battery back that clip to your hair or clothing so you can actually light yourself up. There are even LED lighted rings to wear on your fingers.