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Automotive Led Lighting

Valuable information about: Automotive Led Lighting

From a practical standpoint, automotive LED lighting makes perfect sense. Whether you are replacing traditional lighting or adding a touch of artistic style to your ride, you will find the LED lighting is a perfect accessory for your car. LED lights use less energy and rarely burn out so they are more economical and the richness of its colors is a visual treat.

Traditional LED Lighting

Automotive LED lighting can be used on just about any light on your car. Turn lights, parking lights, internal lights and fog lamps can all be replaced with LED lights. Replacing your traditional lights is fairly easy. For brighter lights, purchase 12 volt LED lights and for dimmer lights purchase 6 volt LED lights.

Installing LED Lighting

When installing LED bulbs on your car, truck or motorcycle, you may find you turn signals blink excessively fast or cause other electrical problems. If that is the case, you will need to add a load resistor to the lighting system. Because LED lights use so much less power than standard factory bulbs, the computer system in your car may think the LED bulbs are not working. Install the AUT-RES-6-50 to solve this problem. It must be set in line with your lights. You will need a single load resistor for each taillight or directional light. Be sure that the load resistor is installed correctly; else it might get very hot. The flat side of the resistor must contact a clean even metal surface on the car to prevent any problems.

Fun Automotive LED Lighting

The newest and most spectacular automotive LED lighting is underbody LED lighting. By adding color combinations, you can potentially replicate over 3 million colors. Typically 5 different colors are added to the underbody of the car. A remote controller inside the car can be used to change from 5 different patterns at 5 different speeds. The basic colors are yellow, blue, green, white and red with various color combinations. You can change the pattern so all LED colors glow or only one specific color turns on. All of the colors can flash on and off at the same time or they can flash on and off in color sequence. The colors can be set to change automatically or shut off and on automatically. The speed of each of these patterns can be adjusted with 5 varying degrees. The color tubes can be ordered in 36” lengths or 48” lengths.

Flexible LED Lighting

Another option to lighting up your car is the flexible LED light strips. The lights are attached to a flexible strip in small bulbs. These strips can be bent into any shape and come with 96 LED bulbs per strip. The LED light strips come in cool white, warm white, blue and red and can be made to flash. LED flexible color tubes with 48 LED bulbs per strip are also available. They have an adhesive backing to attach to your car and can also be strung together for a multiple color effect.

These are just some of the examples of the automotive LED lighting that a car enthusiast can purchase to spice up his or her ride. There are many more extreme options for the exterior as well as the interior of the car including door handle lights and wheel lights.