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Auto LED Lights

Valuable information about: Auto LED Lights

Auto LED lights are a great way to spice up a cool ride. They can be tailored to the car owner’s tastes. In addition, these auto LEDs come in many different colors and designs so you can have your car designed like no other.

Advantages of Auto LED Lights

Manufacturers of auto LED lights are rapidly expanding their inventory due to popular demand. One reason these LED lights are so popular is low use of energy. They can be run off of a simple car battery without severely draining its power. They can shine for up to 100,000 hours and seldom need changing. You also do not have to worry about them overheating your car.

Disadvantages of Auto LED Light Kits

One of the disadvantages of LED lights is their brightness. The light is so intense it can be blinding. Some LED kit makers will also make their kits specific to a particular model car. As a result you will not be able to re-use the auto LED lights on your new car. You have to buy a whole new lighting kit.

Types of Auto LED Light Kits

Today there are LED lighting kits available for auto enthusiasts to jazz up their cars. From a design as simple as a side mirror with a colorful LED lighting strip to a full undercarriage lighting system, there is a style pattern and LED lighting design for everyone. There are kits for the tailgate with running light strips in a single or multicolor model. Side bar light strips as well as running light strips are available for trucks. Even door handles and windshield washers can light up in blue, red, green, purple, amber or white.

Fun Lighting

On the inside of the car, you can add a radio bar light or LED lights on all of the car bolts. You can even have a vacillating front grill light a la Kit from Nightrider. Some of these kits can be quite entertaining. There is an auto LED lighting kit that lights up as a smiley face on the left or right back windshield depending on which way you are turning. One of the newest fads is auto LED lights on your wheels. You can customize the light colors and the show begins when the tires start turning. Drive motions are also becoming popular. These are small LED light signs that attach to the back of car. There are smiley faces, animated facial expressions, rude gestures and a simple “Thanks” or “Back off” sign. Each sign is operated by a control box you can mount on the dash.

More traditional LED lights can be used in your car when your standard lights burn out. They can be used on taillights, indicator lights and interior lights. You have the option of how bright you want the LED light to be by selecting a particular voltage. The lower the voltage, the less spectacular are the lights. Be sure you purchased a light color that matches the shielding on the car. For example, for red brake lights, purchase red LED lights. These LED lights are both practical and a lot of fun. The save money and make a dramatic artistic statement about you and your car.