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Amber LED Lights

Valuable information about: Amber LED Lights

One of the first colors of LED lighting invented was the amber LED light. Like the red LED lights, because they have been around longer than the blue, green or white, Amber LED lights are not very expensive. Amber LED lights are also known for their multi functional application. They can be used on vehicles, outdoors, while camping and to protect wildlife as well as your aging skin. There is not much an amber LED light cannot do.

Outdoor Lighting

Amber LED lights are perfect for the outdoors. Studies have shown that dark yellow color does not attract bugs. Therefore, they work well around the home or in a portable light for a camping trip. They are especially effective on camping trips because the LED light does not heat up and therefore, campers need not worry about packing away the light in the night without waiting for it to cool off. Mosquitoes, moths and other insects will not generally be attracted to the light. They are the perfect accompaniment to any outdoor area especially patios and pool decks.

On Motor Vehicles

Amber LED lights are available for all motor vehicles. When adding lighting to a motorcycle, car or truck, it is advisable to match the light color with the color of the shield. Therefore, wherever you have an amber lens or shield on a vehicle, you need to match it with an amber LED light. These amber lights are not restrictive. Rather, you can use them anywhere on the vehicle where an amber or yellow light is needed.

Save the Turtles

Amber LED lights are ideal for those homes that sit in turtle nesting areas especially in Florida. These lights can be turned on around the home during turtle nesting season and they will not prevent the baby turtles from reaching the sea. As a matter of fact, these lights have been approved for use by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Keep in mind that these lights must be kept in approved light shielding fixtures.

Amber LED Light Skin Therapy

New on the market is a skincare system that involves Amber Led lights. The skin cells react to the LED wavelengths of the pulsing light. This helps to firm up the collagen and this makes the skin look younger. The Amber LED lights never get hot and so, you do not need to worry about burns. This is a painless technique to achieve younger looking skin. This LED light therapy can be found in your local spa or dermatologist’s office.

Like other LED lighting, Amber LED lights will save you money. They use less energy to run, so your expenses on electricity will be lower. In addition, the life of the LED light is upwards of 100,000 hours. It will be a rare situation where the LED light actually burns out. LED lights come in a wide variety of colors including amber and thus are more versatile than standard bulbs that burn in white color only.