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12 Volt LED Lights

Valuable information about: 12 Volt LED Lights
LED lights must be specially modified to be powered by 12 volts. A current-limiting resistor has to be welded to an LED lead. Once the resistor has been firmly set in place, the LED can be appropriately wired to produce light. The 12 Volt LED lights use either AC current or one directional DC current.

Most Common 12 Volt LED Lighting

12 volt LED lighting is most common in motor vehicles. Cars, trucks, RVs, motorcycles and even golf cars, snowmobiles, go-karts and ATVs all use this form of LED lighting. 12 Volt LED lighting is also very common on computers. Rope LED lighting is a popular means of decorating motor vehicles. However, before selecting a controller, make sure you know what pattern you would like. Separate controllers will direct effects such as fading or chasing. Most of the time, this rope lighting is placed under the car for spectacular effects. LED lighting is also used in motor vehicles as tail lights, running lights or for overhead lighting.

Less Common 12 Volt LED Lighting

12 Volt LED lighting can also be used on garden or yard lights, night lights and fog lights. 12 Volt LED ropes have become very popular as they provide some of the crispest light available on the market. These rope lights are perfect in interior settings as indirect or accent lighting for kitchens or bathrooms. Rope lighting also works well as a Christmas decoration, especially because it does not get hot and will not pose a danger to Christmas trees or the trimmings. Keep in mind when cutting rope lighting to count to cutting units. The unit size usually depends on the color of the lights as well as the voltage. For 12 Volt LED rope lights in the colors of yellow, red and orange, you might want to cut every 6 inches. For 12 Volt blue, green and white LED lights, cut every 3 inches.

Advantages of 12 Volt LED Lighting

LED lighting is a lot cheaper than more traditional neon tube lighting. LED lighting does not heat up to potentially cause burns like standard incandescent lighting. The 12 Volt uses a lot less power too. It only draws 2/100 of an amp per each LED light. Therefore you could technically have 100 12 Volt LED lights only use 2 amps. In addition, LED lights last a long time, in some cases up to 100,000 hours. Therefore they are an excellent choice where lighting is required in very hard to reach places.

Buying 12 Volt LED Lights

As LED lighting becomes more popular, it is easier to find it in retail stores and on the Internet. Before purchasing 12 Volt LED lights, be sure the soldered/welded area has been done correctly. You will also want the soldered spot to be covered in heat shrink protection. Remember that LEDs do come in different colors to suit all your needs. Ask for the mounting clips for the light when you purchase it. Make sure, if you are using 12 Volt LED lights, that you have an adaptor which changes the higher voltage main to the lower voltage, so your LED light can function within its normal parameters. .