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LED Flashlight Torch

Must read information about: LED Flashlight Torch
An LED flashlight torch is, in the U.S. and Canada, a flashlight. Flashlights are called torches in most other English speaking countries so many put the two terms together to cover a wider audience.

What is an LED Flashlight Torch?

An LED flashlight is usually a hand held battery or electric powered light source. The light source comes from an LED, light-emitting diode. Although most flashlights are hand held, there are also head / helmet mounted flashlights used by miners, bicyclists, campers, walkers, runners and the like. New technology has even created a solar-powered flashlight, a hand-crank flashlight, and a ‘shake’ flashlight for those occasions when electricity or batteries aren’t available.

Advantages of the LED Flashlight Torch

LED flashlight torches are quickly taking over formerly popular incandescent lights for a large variety of reasons. LED flashlights provide a more direct and brighter light, are much more durable (including shake and vibration resistant), don’t drain batteries nearly as quickly, are smaller, stronger, lighter, don’t flicker and they last much longer. In fact, LED bulbs last many times longer than incandescent bulbs while still burning 20% brighter. LED flashlight bulbs have even been known to last up to an incredible 100,000 hours!

Brands and Types of LED Flashlight Torches

Some of the most popular flashlight brands include Maglite, Cree, Streamlight, Pelican, Energizer, Coast, Inova, Eureka! and Surefire. Many less expensive flashlights have 1 watt and 10 lumens, which is probably the minimum anyone would want, but is perfect for reading or use when you don’t want to disturb others. 30 lumens is about average and is fitting for general usage such as walking trails, searching for lost keys, etc. They also make tactical super bright police / military flashlights that have three watts and start at about 90 lumens and go up to around 300 lumens. These are great for lighting up distant objects or illuminating a larger area.

An LED Flashlight Torch for any Purpose

Some consumers may wish to have an individual flashlight for single use purposes. For night walkers, hunters and fisherman, there are LED lights that provide green light that is best suited for night time activities. Alternatively for those that go camping or are on the road for long stretches at a time, the hand crank LED flashlight torches that were mentioned above are a great companion. Not only can a minute of cranking provide up to an hour of light, there are models that come with a radio and a phone/USB device charger. There are options for everyone, from the low level LED flashlight torch to the more expensive ruggedly constructed super bright flashlights that come with different power modes.

LED technology has made it easy to find an LED flashlight torch for any use and any occasion. They are more energy efficient, long lasting, durable, and emit a cleaner bright white light than ever before.