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Green LED Flashlights

Must read information about: Green LED Flashlights
Most people are used to seeing LED flashlights with the brilliant white light they can produce. Perhaps a few people have also even seen red lights, but how many people are aware of the green LED flashlights that are favored by hunters and outdoorsmen?

Why Green?

The soft glow of a green LED flashlight is ideal when hunting because the light doesn’t affect the prey. In fact, animals are said to be unaware, or even indifferent to the green color. These green LED flashlights are also what fishermen use when out in the boat at night. The light passes through the water quite easily, enabling clearer vision, and green light doesn’t attract insects the way a white light will.

Emergency Situations

Green LED flashlights are ideal for use in any emergency situation, because the steady beam of green light can pierce through fog and smoke quite easily. These lights can be used to signal for help and are able to be seen from up to a mile away in most cases. Because of this reason, emergency personnel are equipped with green LED flashlights during rescue missions. It is a good idea to carry a flashlight of this type when spending time in the woods camping or hunting.

Facts about Green LED Flashlights

Green LED flashlights operate the same way any other LED flashlights do. The green bulbs take far less energy than an incandescent bulb, and last far longer. In fact, the bulbs in an LED flashlight can continue producing light up to 100,000 hours if cared for properly. Green LED flashlights are manufactured with the outdoor person in mind, therefore most of them are waterproof, shock proof, and they float if dropped in the water, making these LED flashlights the ideal choice for outdoor activities.

Night Light

A green LED flashlight is an excellent tool to have when walking outside in dark areas or unfamiliar territory. It can also help to identify someone, or locate another person if need be. Green LED flashlights are ideal when camping, also. It’s easy to take a wrong turn in the woods at night and not be able to get back to the campsite. The flashlight can be used to signal for help and lead people in the right direction. For someone who wants to observe the wildlife without disturbing anything, green LED flashlights are made for just this purpose.

Green versus White

White LED lights in LED flashlights throw brilliant beams of intense white light that can illuminate a large area. While they may be ideal in many aspects, the softer green bulbs function much better in nighttime situations where it is necessary to be low key or unobtrusive to the surroundings. Green LED flashlights are invaluable to hunters, fishermen and campers alike. For anyone who finds themselves spending any time in dark, wooded areas after sundown, whether camping or hunting, having a green LED flashlight handy makes good sense.