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Benefits of LED Flashlights

Must read information about: Benefits of LED Flashlights
Flashlights using LED´s, or light emitting diodes, are cost and energy efficient, long lasting, lightweight, safe, reliable and impact-resistant. LED flashlights achieve all this because the bulbs produce light very efficiently. LED´s are constructed without the need for the heated metal filament and fragile (glass) oxygen-free container used in a ‘normal’ incandescent bulb. Most of the energy produced in an LED flashlight goes to the main purpose - light - with little or none lost to heat.

A Long Lasting Light

LED light is produced by movement of electrons over a simple semiconductor called a diode and energy is given off as light, rather than heat. Since no filament is heated in the process, LED´s stay relatively cool, conserve energy and last longer. On a camping trip, or other heavy-use situation, having an LED flashlight means there’s no need to carry extra batteries. Many LED flashlights offer a dimmer or light adjustment, which allows even longer life when a lower setting is chosen.

Cost- effective and ‘Green’

Prices are getting lower over time as technology advances, but LED flashlights may still cost a bit more up front. On the other hand they require fewer batteries to power them and contain amazingly long-lasting bulbs. Batteries can last ten times longer than a non-LED flashlight, or even more, as estimates and manufacturer claims vary greatly. The efficient production of light from an LED consumes less and wastes less energy, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint and saving money over time.

A Safe and Reliable Tool

Due to their small plastic bulbs and solid-state construction, LED´s don’t break easily. They are more shock resistant and drop proof than flashlights with other types of bulbs. LED flashlights are the sturdier choice to keep in your car or bedside drawer. Another safety and convenience factor is that LED flashlights don’t suddenly go out – rather they gradually dim as they lose power, giving plenty of warning that a new battery may be needed.

Convenient to Store, Carry and Use

Smaller and lighter than regular flashlights requiring incandescent bulbs and more batteries, LED flashlights can be easier to hold and use. They fit quite easily into pocket or purse which is on hand to help find temporarily lost keys or something that has fallen under the car seat. Headlamp styles are also available and are useful in everything from carpentry projects to cave exploring.

LED Flashlights are the Way to Go

It’s taken many years for these tiny super-bulbs to be utilized in flashlights. Patented way back in 1961, early LED´s emitted only low-intensity red light. Over the years engineers and scientists worked to evolve LED´S so that they are more and more useful in our daily lives. Used for decades as indicator lights on appliances and more recently in traffic signals, over the past several years LED flashlights have become widely available local hardware and grocery stores. Since dependability, safety and performance are key qualities in a flashlight, the LED´s variety are the way to go.