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LED Lights for Xbox 360

LED Lighting is energy efficient and long lasting. This article on LED Lights for Xbox 360 provides you with all the information on how and why to use LED Lights for Xbox 360.
In today’s world, there is a growing passion for customizing everything from automobiles to floral arrangements at weddings with LED light technology. While modification is nothing new to the automotive world, it is starting to become increasingly popular in other industries as well. The gaming industry, in particular, has spawned an entire subculture of individuals who create mods for their gaming systems, and other products with the intent of making their gaming systems unique and totally different from mass produced merchandise.

LED Lights for Xbox 360 a Growing Trend

This trend is becoming most popular with Xbox 360 owners. The gaming system, itself, and other products like the controllers, are well suited for the modifications that these individuals like to perform. The many benefits of LED lights such as low power consumption, tiny size and high strong light emissions have made them the ideal choice for individuals looking to create a customized gaming environment.

Types of LED Xbox 360 Modifications

Typical modifications, or mods, for Xbox 360 gaming systems include modifying the gaming system itself, or introducing new LED lights into other gaming components, like controllers. Gamers can modify the gaming system by taking off the external cover and replacing the current LED lights behind the signature Xbox logo and the “on” button. More in-depth mods include completely replacing the cover to the gaming system with either a completely translucent cover or one that shows a certain word, image, or design when lit from behind.

Online Instructions for Modifying the Controller

Modifying the controllers takes a considerable amount of know-how, patience, and a set of steady hands. It is possible to take apart the controller, remove buttons like the A, B, X, and Y buttons, hollow of the insides and replace the buttons with LED lights that can light up the colored screen on the buttons when the controller is plugged in. It is easy to find tutorials online that walk through this process step by step as well as pointing out where to find the necessary LED lights and other tools on the Internet.

Why Use LED Lights for Xbox 360 Modifications

LED lights for Xbox 360 mods are well suited for numerous reasons. LED’s can come in sizes as small as 2mm, making them a great option for placement inside a relatively small environment, like an Xbox 360 controller. Additionally, LED’s have can last longer than 50,000 hours meaning that gamers will more than likely not have to spend the money or effort to replace the bulbs inside these products.