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LED Lights for Wedding Decorations

LED Lighting is energy efficient and long lasting. This article on LED Lights for Wedding Decorations provides you with all the information on how and why to use LED Lights for Wedding Decorations.
LED lights are quickly becoming one of the biggest trends in wedding decorations today. The convenience of these lights makes them great options for being temporarily used as wedding decorations, while their durability means that they can be re-purposed and used over and over again. This alone makes them a great investment. Creative individuals are constantly developing new and innovative ideas to use LED lights for wedding decorations in ways that have not been seen before. Here are a couple interesting decorative ideas using LED lights for wedding decorations, as well as explaining why LED’s are such a great light source to work with.

LED Enhanced Archways

Archways are common sites at weddings, either being seen at the beginning of the aisle for the bride to walk under, or the end of the aisle for the couple to take their vows within. The arch symbolizes the union that is taking place. LED lights are now being used to enhance wedding arches by bringing a warm, but tasteful, feeling to this portion of the ceremony. Night weddings in particular have motivated floral arrangers and wedding planners to include LED lights along with other decorative elements such as Ivy, tulle, and extravagant flowers to really create amazing visual effects that are important parts of any wedding.

LED Paper Hanging Lanterns

Another example of how people use LED lights for wedding decorations is for LED paper hanging lanterns. LED’s come as small as 2mm, making them great for any size of paper lantern that will be used to decorate the wedding. Also, LED lights emit little or no heat, which is why they can be used with flammable materials like paper without creating a fire hazard. Finally, LED’s are able to produce more light per watt than average light bulbs, meaning that LED’s run off considerably less power and are able to produce more light that other kinds of bulbs even with their relatively smaller size.

LED Lights for Vases

Another amazing example of how to use LED lights for wedding decorations is attaching LED’s to the bottoms of clear or translucent vases before adding other clear or translucent materials on top, such as water, gels, or glass beads, along with whatever floral arrangement that fits the decor. These floral arrangements can be used as stunning centerpieces that can wow guests with their aesthetic allure and innovation.

All of the different items necessary to create these wedding decorations can be easily found in craft shops or bridal stores. However, shopping online can often provide the best deals and the largest selection to choose from.