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LED Lights for Water

LED Lighting is energy efficient and long lasting. This article on LED Lights for Water provides you with all the information on how and why to use LED Lights for Water.
LED lights produce more light per watt than their main competition, incandescent bulbs, and are available in an endless supply of colors, making them a fun and interesting lighting option for any kind of situation that would require unique lighting. An interesting application for LED lights is to use them in water, and this is a trend that is really starting to catch on many different. The water acts as a great carrier for the bright light that the LED’s emit and even a small LED can light up a large amount of water in fun and different colors.

Outdoor LED Lights for Water

When most people think of lighting up water, the most common thing that comes to mind is using the lights to illuminate a pool area for night swimming. A lot of companies that install pools prefer to use submersible LED lights in their pools because of the fact that LED’s can last for longer than 25,000 hours of operation before they might need to be replaced. Using other kinds of lights in pools means that the pool has to be drained to allow a chance to replace the lights once they go out.

Home Décor with LED Lights for Water

Another application of LED lights for water includes easy-to-make LED vase lights. It is a simple project to make a light up vase by taking an LED light, with whatever color filter you want, and dropping it into the bottom of a translucent glass or plastic vase. Just cover the LED with water before adding in whatever flowers or other decorative elements into the vase. Vases with LED’s in the water can make a fun statement, and are great decorations for any situation.

It can be difficult to make a completely waterproof LED light set up, complete with a battery source, to use in the water. Instead, there are a lot of waterproof LED lights that are available online, and at some craft stores, although supplies may be limited. In cases like this, the internet is probably the best source. However, for larger bodies of water like pools and garden ponds, it is a better idea to let professionals install LED lights that are necessary to illuminate or decorate these areas. Because electrical wiring is involved, this is one area to leave to the pros.