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LED Lights for Video Production

LED Lighting is energy efficient and long lasting. This article on LED Lights for Video Production provides you with all the information on how and why to use LED Lights for Video Production.
Ask any professional photographer or videographer, lighting is one of the most important dimensions of any shot. Making sure the lighting is correct before starting to film can make the difference between a quality shot and one that screams amateur cinema. The way that professionals ensure proper lighting is to bring their own light sources. A lot of professionals have started using LED lights for video production because of the many different benefits that LED’s can provide over more common halogen and fluorescent light bulbs.

Cool to the Touch & Longer Lasting

One the incredible benefits of using LED over other light sources is the fact that LED’s emit minute amounts of heat, even after being on for extended amounts of time. Anyone working with professional video or photography lights knows how much of a pain it is to have to wait for the light system to cool down before it can be stored to move. Additionally, LED’s have lifetimes in excess of 50,000 hours, meaning that over the life of the lighting system, owners will save a tremendous amount of money on light bulb replacement.

Environmentally Friendly with Lower Carbon Footprint

Another advantage to using LED lights for video production is that they are considerably more environmentally friendly. LED lights require less energy but produce more light per watt than other kinds of lighting sources like halogens and fluorescent light bulbs. Also, LED’s do not emit ozone depleting carbon dioxide emissions or contain potentially hazardous levels of mercury in the bulbs themselves.

Types of LED Lights for Video Production

A slightly less well known LED lighting product that is slowly making a huge name for itself in video production is LED Litepanels. Some of the key benefits of these lights include being eco-friendly, which translates into energy savings; highly portable because of their light weight; containing a built in dimmer that does not cause a color shift; also, LED light panels are capable of being run off of multiple power options.

The multiple power options are what convince a lot of videographers that these LED Litepanels are the right investment to make. They can run off of AA batteries, rechargeable batteries, car cigarette lighters, MiniDV Camera Batteries, and standard wall outlets. LED Litepanels for video production and photography can be found online, and are available at competitively priced options. Reading customer reviews can help shoppers to understand why LED Litepanels are the best way to go about lighting their studio or production area.