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LED Lights for Vases

LED Lighting is energy efficient and long lasting. This article on LED Lights for Vases provides you with all the information on how and why to use LED Lights for Vases.
Although LED lights have most often been associated with electronics and the lighting of digital panels, they are coming more often to the forefront in terms of adding ambiance to home décor. For instance, LED lights can be used to add spice to any home decoration, such as with vases. There are not specific LED lights for vases, but creative individuals can easily adapt some readily found LED lights to use in a decorative manner.

Dry or Submersible LED Lights for Vases

There are two different ways that individuals can use LED lights for vases. If the vase is going to be holding artificial or silk flowers, among other decorative elements that do not require any liquid to be in the bottom of the vase, then it is easy to create a homemade LED vase light by taking a small LED bulb and connecting it to a battery. If the vase will be holding any kind of liquid then there are a number of submersible, waterproof LED lights that can do the job quite nicely. LED lights for vases can even be made from LED candles that are also battery operated, come in an assortment of colors and can also flicker like a real candle.

Crafting the Vase

The next step in creating a LED light vase is to take the vase of choice, drop the LED light source into the bottom of the vase. Typically, the next step is to cover the LED with some form of translucent items or material that can carry the light throughout the vase. Great ideas for material to use in this section include glass marbles and pebbles or candle gels, it the LED light is waterproof. Next it is just a matter of covering it with translucent material and fitting in whatever other decorative elements that will be displayed by the vase, such as flowers or large branches for a more dramatic statement.

LED lights are a preferred light source to be used in vases because of their size, color options, and long lifetimes. LED’s can be as small as 2mm but produce more light per watt than their main competitors, incandescent light bulbs. LED’s can last longer than 25,000 hours of use, depending on the power source. LED lights for vases do not provide a fire hazard since they are cool to the touch and are environmentally friendly since they are not manufactured with hazardous metals. For the greatest selection and the best prices, it is recommended to do a comparison search online.